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Now is Gone Launch Party

I was part of Geoff Livingston’s Book launch for “Now Is Gone” Whether you are a small business or a large corporation you are either asking yourself what strategy to follow in the new Social media or how to implode without participating in social media. Don’t bother about Power point presentations or large unwieldy word docs. Just buy the book and present it to the decision maker.

The book is officially launching on Nov 12th. The launch party was nice – friends, family, colleagues and DC bloggers who didn’t go to the BlogWorldExpo - I was thrilled to meet ……..

Jim Long (Verge New Media/NBC Universal) The guy who twitters that the Eagle has landed , Ashley Shillingsburg (Capitol Solutions/ to whom I said “ But I thought MobileDiner was a guy J Jonathan Trenn (Participate) we had just friended each other on Facebook a few hours and there were meeting in real life , Ann Bernard ( who works too hard and runs to meetings at 9 p.m . of course the my vote for the best guest will go Geoff’s Grandma Muriel with whom I spent a long time chatting. You Rock Muriel !

Some FAQs for people who are bursting to ask these questions.

1. Why did he write the book?

Everyone who wanted to know about Social Media was taking him to the same restaurant so he got tired of it and decided to write a book to keep the lunch invitations away.

2. Was the movie “One good year” inspired by Geoff Living?

Geoff denies that, yes he has a connection to a winery in France (his grandfather owned one) But he did not inspire the movie.

3. The Mob wants to get in and monetize the Social Media scene?

This is not true, The only Italian connection is - the launch was in a very nice Italian restaurant in Arlington VA.

4. Does his Grandma Blog?

Muriel who was a honored guest at the book lunch party does not blog but she is a great social networker ( The real deal – not online) But Did you know his mom tweets? @Jacquelynbigar (

5. Why did Geoff’s wife give him a Ipod Touch to congratulate him ?

Sorry! Cannot reveal the reason. You may find the answer in Geoff’s book “Now is Gone” especially if you read the acknowledgement.

If I have not brought a smile to your face and have not persuaded you to buy the book I strongly urge you to read: Pamela Sorensen’s Blog or Doug Meacham or from the man himself Geoff Livingston

Want to see pics and curious about the party. Read Larissa Fair’s post on the Now is Gone party

My copy is going straight to my boss instead of a deck on how and why the company needs to embrace the Social media as soon as I finish it. I would strongly recommend this for all libraries and college students as part of their course materials.

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