Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who is watching Jonny's Par-tay

My Little Buddy

Yesterday I watched Jonny's Par-tay with this buddy of mine( pic on the left) who showed his appreciation  by saying "Jonny" every 2 seconds.

. Jonny had 2 guests and he chose the guests very well because they complimented them selves very well. Ann Bernard the CEO of and Shana Glickfiled (Oops ! I was not supposed to reveal the name a la Valerie Starr style ) who goes by the nom de plume DCConcierge . Both these people are carrying social networking a step further and helping people with their offline lives. WhyGoSolo helps like minded people network and meet even when they travel to different cities and my description is just the iceberg of the depth of what WhyGoSolo does. It just launched as a beta so its a good time to go and become a free member.

Jonny also had a guest Arhu (Chinese Violin) performance by Jonny’s house guest Lillian who just flew in from China. The music from this instrument was awesome.

DCConcierge helps newcomers and visitors and DC metro area old timers (like me -10 yrs in the area) who have no clue about what the cool people are doing by answering their questions. I am sure if I asked her " Where is George Cloony having dinner tonight in DC? " she would have the answer but I may just ask , if I have $15 to spend in downtown DC what would I get. She may not say a "hot dog" at a Mall vendor but give me some ideas of little known places that may help me. DCConcierge correct me if this is a illusion of mine :)

Actually I digressed from the main reason that I am writing this post. Who watched Jonny's Par-tay ? I Would say 35 to 37 people did the live show but remember that this content is available for eternity and the viewing will continue. So as time goes by this video will be watched many times over.

User-Generated Online Video Views in the US, 2005-2008 (billions)


And today the EMarketer has some excellent stats on the " Who's Watching User-Generated Video?" I quopte from the article "User-generated videos (UGVs) tallied 22 billion views in 2007, up 70% over 2006, according to Accustream iMedia Research's "UGV 2005 - 2008: Mania Meets Mainstream" report."

Go to the EMarketer website to read the whole article.

22 Billion people. Jonny you have a long way to go but if you have interesting people like in this episode I am sure that day is not far. Of course helping Jonny is ScottStead who is a awesome guy. I met him offline and has a promising star career ahead of him. Don't mind a few glitches in the stream - its all good and part of the fun.

This week I did listen to another live Internet Radio show by local Bloggers/Social Media Swamis Aaron Brazell and Geoff Livingston  called "District of Corruption". Its getting there with 2 shows already and totally unscripted was great fun to listen.

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