Friday, February 22, 2008

Social Media Club DC Meeting - February 21st 2008 - @Technosailor spills secrets

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There were about 20 odd people who listened to the powerful presentation by @technosailor aka Aaron Brazell of Director of Technology at b5media and a social media consultant at the offices of Viget labs in Falls Church.. The topic was “Blog Draft Day: Making it Into the Bigs” . Larissa Fair of Livingston Buzz introduced Technosailor

Explaining his history of getting into the Blog arena, he confessed that he did not own a boat :). As soon as I tweeted this Chris Brogan Tweeted back '- he doesn't need a boat. He walks on water. :)"

Instead of a point to point blog post about the presentation i can save you time by pointing you to Technosailor's Blog where the ustream archive is posted.

The key take aways (IMHO)

1) Care about your readers, find out who they are, How many ?

2) Traffic may not be important in the future but distribution will be.

3) Technosailor likes Mark Twain and does not have a boat

After a meeting specially Social Media where you meet a lot of online friends offline there should be some schmoozing. Of course Nahum who is "schmoozing" on Flickr is happily travelling in Europe so I took my usually pathetic pictures. Steven Fisher is a firm believer in making other laugh and imitated @technosailor which I captured on utterz , but Steven knows where to put his money -read his blog Venture Files. Shana aka @dcconcierge crossed the DC line for a change. It had been a long time since I met Jonny Goldstein and Jill Foster ( a full 23 hours- remember Jonny's Par-tay) While Technosailor , Nicole Brazell (@learningtoplay) and Steven came all the way from Baltimore it was fantastic to meet Jessie Newburn my friend from Facebook who drove all the way from Columbia. ( I have a video interview of her which I will post shortly). I met KeithCasey of . Met Ryan Moede and Qui Diaz. Of course had the previlege of sitting with @mindofandre . It was wonderful to meet George Brett and yes he knows a lot about technology and knitting.

Thanks Brian of Viget Labs for giving us the space. After the meet went to the nearby AppleBees for dinner with @technosailor @stevenfisher @jnewburn @learnigntoplay keith and had a funtime

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