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Rohit Bhargava Adds Personality at Network Solutions Small Business Event

Network Solutions and DC Media Makers organized a networking event for Small business with Jonny GoldStein Interviewing Rohit Bhargava Author of "Personality Not Included".

Shashi Bellamkonda and Rohit Bhargava - Swami meets the author of

It was cooperative effort and credit goes to Jill Foster Chairperson of DC Web Women who is an excellent organizer and would be an asset to any organization she wishes to join. Jill along with Jonny Goldstein and Scott Stead came with me to BusBoys and Poets numerous times as we sat and planned the event. Of course BusBoys having such wonderful scones and being a nice place to eat and work made it a pleasure to meet there.


Rohit first came to Network Solutions in Herndon to talk to all my colleagues and friends. We streamed his talk with us live to all Network Solutions locations in St. Louis, Toronto and Hazelton.

Luckily Rohit and I left early to get to BusBoys and Poets for the evening event since the weather was so bad on June 4th that many people were stuck in traffic. The event had sold out within hours after the registration was opened yet many of those registered who were trying to make it to the event had problems due to the weather. Thanks to the more than 40 people who braved the tornadoes , thunderstorms, rain to come to the event.

See photos from the event :

Photos credit : Nahum Gershon

The event was live on the web on Jonny's Partay and if you missed the event you can see the video live here. As soon as I parked the first person I met was Jimmy Gardner @jjgardner3 who live blogged the event and also took a video interview.

Here is a partial list of some of the rockstars who came to the event. If I have left out your name I assure you its inadvertent. I used some of Nahum Gershon's pictures to refresh my memory so blame him for not taking your picture :)

Kristen King
Debbie Weil
Geoff Livingston
Peter Corbett
Kenya Allmond
Nick O Neil
Ryan Moede
Julie PerlMutter
Frank Gruber
Jen Consalvo
Shireen Mitchell
Michelle Hoffman
Jessie Newburn

After the event Rohit signed his book "Personality Not Included" at the BusBoys and Poets bookstore. A few of the guests stayed back and had dinner at BusBoys and Poets and continued the conversation.

Since the weather played spoilsport Network Solutions is thinking of having Rohit come to Virginia and have another event for Small Businesses in the last week of June. What are your ideas? What kind of events would you like ? if you attended this event and would like to give your feedback you can comment on this blog or if you prefer on

You will find blog post and buzz relating to the event compiled here

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