Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog World Expo 08 :Jay berkowitz ; Ten Golden Rules

Blog World Expo 2008: Jay Berkowitz and Shashi Bellamkonda

Jay has a great podcast series on his website Ten Golden Rules.com and he interviewed me for the podcast Episode 27

I was glad to meet him again at Blog World Expo where he organized a dinner at the Pampas in Planet Hollywood. At the dinner I had a chance to meet David Berkowitz, Gail Goodwin, David Peck, Ellen Marden , Becky Caroll, Michael Allen, James Martell, Christine Ngo ( Ogilvy) , Rohit Bhargava (Personality Not Included), Tim Ferriss, Annette Tonti , Roxanne Darling ,Elaine Starling, Toby Bloomberg and of course my buddies Geoff Livingston, Jon Edelman, Steve Fisher.

The dinner was good, another first for me as I had not eaten Brazillian food before. At the restaurant the Margarita I ordered was too strong but the food was very delicious.

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