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Why Restaurants should have websites

A very relevant question that probably has puzzled many a restaurant owner. In today's connected world a restaurant website is a absolute necessity. 1) It is like free advertising. Newcomers to the area often do a search on the Internet to find restaurants. 2) It is convenient for guests to remember (Have a simple and nice name for the website) if they need to go there. 3) It replaces some of your telephone queries. 4) It can be a selling tool. 5) It can help you get feedback. Now about what it needs to contain...A basic website should have: a) The restaurant introduction (cuisine, ambience, history, USP (unique selling proposition). b) The location with links to directions from all likely places. c) The hours of operation. d) The reservation policy. e) Menus (Have a simple document that loads fast and in colors that it can be printable by the guests if needed). f) Catering facilities. If you decided to advance another level, you could add... - Reviews of your