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Facebook credits going mainstream at Safeway

Swami’s Weekly Book list : Carol J Roth’s Entrepreneur Equations and Himalayan Dhaba

It is exciting to be closely associated with many entrepreneurs and authors. I was fascinated to receive a preview copy of Carol Roth’s forthcoming book “Entrepreneur Equations “. Entrepreneur Equations’ is currently in pre launch ( the official launch is March 22nd) on ) Proving her entrepreneurship Carol has some interesting ways to make the launch entrepreneurial and also do good at the same time. You can join Carol Roth & a cadre of others to help SCORE meet their goal of growing 1 million successful new businesses by 2017. This is what Carol says about partnering with SCORE:    I am beyond thrilled to be partnering with SCORE nationally and would love to partner with you personally to help achieve the goal of creating one million successful new businesses by 2017. As you well know, small businesses are being touted as the growth engine that will save our economy. But I am sure you that would agree it will only be the case if we can change the

Good idea by @eyeinfo. are you doing this in your small business?

For a Cup of Coffee Knowledge Was Gained : Meeting @Nutzareus

It was a day of coincidences, getting up this morning and looking uo my twitter stream to see Jillian Badanes ( @NPotomacPatch ) tweet "Don't forget to join us for a free cup of coffee at Chloe's Coffee today from 7 a.m. until noon :   h ttp:// " I love all things local and was honored to featured on the North Potomac Patch Meet your neighbor interview   and got me thinking about how to attend this local meetup. The decision was made when my friend  Ching-Yao Yu   @nutzareus  said he would be there if I was going. We have conflicting work schedules and this was a great opportunity to catch-up.  He is the podcast host at  and carries Foursquare ambassador cards which he hands out to businesses and answers any questions they have about FourSquare. He is also organizing the Montgomery County Foursquare Day April 16th 2011 and wants to collaborate with local food banks and local fire departments to .make the event drive a ch

This webinar is totally wrong : Facebook Page Marketing with Q & A

Ok the headline was meant to attract your attention to this HubSpot Live Webinar: Facebook Page Marketing with Q & A on Feb 15th at 1 p.m ET. Language is changing so much that when I say this webinar is totally wrong, I mean this is so right witrh some awesome panelists. This panel has some awesome folks who have rolled up their sleeves to enable businesses to understand and use new media tools and platforms. Date/Time : Tue, Feb. 15 at 1pm ET ( local time ) Presenters : Justin Kistner of Webtrends, Justin Levy of Citrix, Jason Keath of  Social Fresh  and Ellie Mirman of HubSpot I met Justin Kistner at the Wappow Search and Social Woot conference last year where he did a awesome presentation on Facebook Marketing and insights . Jason Keath has been a friend since 2008 when I first met him in Charlotteville SC and watched as he founded Social Fresh conferences for businesses using new media. Justin levy is a good friend as well and is now with Citrix online and I hope to m