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First Hand look at Freedom at Work on the USS George H.W Bush - US Navy's Supercarrier Day 1 #Dvembark

Other than the brave folks who work in the Navy and allied services, not many people can say that they have completed a tail-hook landing and a catapult take off from a aircraft carrier. Nov 2013 was a special month as I crossed out a so far unattainable bucket list item - a visit to an aircraft carrier at sea. The Navy has a program called the Distinguished Visitor Embark, which takes civilians from all walks of life to visit a Navy ship and experience first hand the working of the Navy and meet the brave women and men who serve the country.  I was part of a Distinguished Visitor Embark group thanks to Patrick Foughty who works at the Media Operations, Digital Media  and thanks also to  George Wright,  office of Commander, Navy Installations Command and the Commander, Navy Installations Command. This is going to be a blog post and will be worth reading. The experience started in Norfolk which has a large Navy presence and this is the view from the Renaissance Portsmouth. In the progr