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Hi, this is my first post calling in to Jott

Hi, this is my first post while driving using using Jott. I want to experiment with this and see if I could post this to my blog without actually doing anything that they [...]. listen Powered by Jott This post was made by me from my cellphone while waiting in the Halloween traffic jam on the beltway. Very cool. Jott transcribes your voice and converts it to text.

Can .Name be the default for Blogs and Social Media?

I saw Seth Godin Twitter yesterday on domain names. Seth is quoting from a Wired magazine story from 1994 by Josh Quittner . Josh was trying to evangelize the use of a domain name to McDonalds corporation and that companies’ pay much attention to domain name registration back then. (I was surprised that Wired was online back then) Takeaways from Seth’s Post : A) “There's only one neighborhood for business online” = .com domain name B) Have “ a domain that matches what you do” – his example C) “Don't hesitate to create multiple domains for your efforts” for “Visitor focus” D) “If you're looking to start an online business, consider finding a great domain and build the business around it, not the other way around.” Here is an idea I got from Clay Newton’s Blog post. where he registered to point to his FaceBook profile. How about making .name the standard for the social media. I thought the idea was cool. Reasons for people to get a .name A) Kee

Google, OpenSocial, and Marketing

Everyone is waiting with bated breath. Chris gives a fantastic insight into what to expect. Marc Andreessen has a good post explaining OpenSocial from a tech angle Marketing angle: read more digg story

How do Pebbles Communicate -

What's a pebble? They’re often first generation adopters. they are followed by swimmers, surfers and others.Most of the people in Twitter fall into one of those three categories, they’re early adopters, tech influencers, and what Forrester calls “creators”.People use 5 to 7 mediums to communicate everyday. See what everyone uses at this post. read more | digg story

NewTeeVee Live In SF- November 14th

It pays to have friends in high places : Om Malik is doing his first conference, on the future of television and the web. It's Nov. 14th in SF, it's called NewTeeVee Live, and it's got a killer speaker lineup, and I am sure the conference will be a hit. Om has graciously offered a 15% discount off the early bird registration for folks in John Batelle's network. It's a steal at $399, the discount will take that down to somewhere near $350. Head to: to get the dicount. Company: GigaOm Job Title: NewTeeVee Live Description:

Programs to use to create screenshots

There are some pretty good programs to use for Screenshots. A lot of companies use Snagit Snagit currently has tools to upload screenshots directly to your blog. HEre are two free programs that are good for making screenshots on your computer cropper M5Snap thatKim Komando mentioned in her newsletter today. I like cropper except it doesnt let you scroll the page to get the whole screen. Mw5Snap seems very user fiendly.

AddressBook 2.0 and Social Media

The web 2.0 conference coined a term Addressbook 2.0. The basis is that if we had an addressbook integrated across all communication tools and social network platofrms that we were members of, then we can be contacted by friends using email, phone, IM or social "nudging" or "poking" depending on where we were. I love this. I was looking at my addressbook which is synchronized by Plaxo and found several outdated contacts and many outdated email addresses. I wish I had a way to run this through a program that told me some of these addresses do not exist and Palxo charges me for removing duplicates from my addressbook. More power to AddressBook 2.0

Send a message to Fish phone

Source: Still not sure which is more eco-savvy, farmed or wild salmon? Snd a txt msg. The marine conservation group Blue Ocean Institute has launched a cell phone-based service to send you text messages with the information you need to make smart seafood choices. Next time you¹re at the seafood counter or in a restaurant and can¹t recall whether farmed catfish is managed in an environmentally sustainable fashion, send a text message and within seconds you¹ll have the Institute¹s take on it. The group also is launching FishPhone (, a Web site formatted for Web-enabled cell phones and PDAs. To use the texting service, send a message to 30644. In the message, type FISH, followed by the name of the seafood in question, such as tuna. The service covers more than 90 species, and suggests alternatives to options that pose environmental concerns. Aside from any standard text message fees by your cell

How do top online retailers send their welcome email - study

Key findings from the study include: 32% of welcome emails include a discount, reward or incentive, down from 34% last year62% of welcome emails asked the subscriber to white list them by adding an email address to their address book, up from 49% last year79% of retailers sent out HTML welcome emails, up from 69% last. The remainder s read more | digg story