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Showing posts from November, 2007 Listening to humanized music

I was excited when I discovered Pandora. I felt the same excitement when I read GigaOm's Blog post

The founder of this company Songza is 23 years old. You cannot download any songs just listen to them and of course buy them. Songza is a combination of a music search engine and a song jukebox. I punished it by bringing up names that are popular in the Asian music scene only and still Songza delivered. Songza has a lot of respect to the user's time so there is no registration , just open and start listening.

I will be using this a lot in the coming days .

Looking at Flight wait times on a Map

TechnoSailor- Aaron Brazell posted this link on Twitter for

I quickly compared the Flight Delays for BWI(Baltimore Washington International) with IAD ( Washington Dulles Airport) And there was a world of difference. BWI showed all green And IAD was almost all red, yellow and black. The colors denote the delays.

Green 0-15 minute delay
Yellow 15-60 minute delay
Red 1-2 hour delay
Black More than 2 hour delay

It is a good Google MAps mash up with Data provided by FAA. Very simple functionality - search by airport or by zip code. I put in my zip code and it did not ask me for my preferred airport (BWI) but defaulted to IAD.

If I am at airport and nothing to do I would be browsing this site

Help to find out who called you - Social media too

Social Media is all about people helping themselves and others by sharing knowledge. I was surprised to see a number on my caller id that i could not identify beyond the number. So I used Google and got a result at

The site lets you post your experience with unidentified callers and lets you search for others comments on that number. I think there is definitely a use for this. i would prefer companies identify themselves when calling so you do not have to investigate on your own. It's not a perfect world so I was happy that I found

They have a form that lets you report numbers but I am not sure where. This site is a good idea and its a form of social media too.

Small Business Survival Blog

I am visiting a cousin who is a small business in the NJ/NY area. Every year when we meet up we exchange tech thoughts and I give him tips on how to concentrate on running his business and get technology to work for him.

His questions this time were:

a) How to get automatic backup between his home computer and his home computer.
b) What anti virus software to use?
c) How to prevent BHO's from hijacking his browser?
d) How to migrate the dos program that his business has been using last 10 years.

I spent a few hours giving him some answers. I was happy to answer his questions because helping am ll business succeed is what I do at work.

I have been reading the Small business Survival Blog of Becky McCray . her Blog helps answer questions for Small businesses in rural areas and small towns get help. This is a great blog. It is a must read for small business. Becky McCray also has a Friday Brag Basket where anyone can post their brag or introduce themselves and gain help from her and her r…

Added activity while driving

The term of the future is "hyperconnectivity' Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google has said that the first thing he does on the morning is check email.

I am tempted to check my mail the first thing on many days but its not to see if my millions have become billions, I am usually looking for new Twitter emails. Going back to the topi cof Hyperconnectivtiy I am connected everywhere I go to the Internet due to my T-Mobile Dash.

The only exception is while driving. I am averse to testing while driving. I do enjoy the convenience of Jott With Jott I can call Jott and speak my thoughts and Jott transcribes my voice (yes even my 'Southern" accent) and makes a text post on my Blog or on Twitter. IT has a great voice acitvated menu so you dont have to search for the "1" or "2" button on your phone to choose from the menu. Jott can also send emails to people on your Jott addressbook - A great feature for people like me who commute for 45min to 1 hr kne way each d…

LinkedIn - Some interesting Facts

LinkedIn users average around 60 connections
( San Francisco-based executive headhunter Ron Bates has the most LinkedIn connections with 33,540 direct contacts) The average number of LinkedIn connections for people who work at Google is forty-seven( Source link below) Average user of LinkedIn probably belongs to at least 3 to 4 groups that are meaningful to their professional life. The average LinkedIn user is 39 and makes $139,000 a year. 89,000 are chief executive officers, and nearly half a million others occupy another job in the C-suite
Links to sources:

* SmartcompanyUpdate:A Valleywag post has the stat that in October Linkedin grew 189% vs. Facebook 125% .Alarm:Clock post talks about the stats from Hitwise Visits to LinkedIN are up 323% year-over-year, its still mostly used by early tech adopters.
Hitwise points to the prevalence of GMail users to show that LinkedIn is still pr…

Charging The T Mobile Dash using USB

I am not sure if all cell phones can be charged using the Laptop USB connection - I love it that I can do that with the T Mobile Dash. Since I use the cell phone for email, twitter and facebook I can run the battery down pretty much in 3 to 4 hours if I am out of the home or office. PLugging the laptop in and doing work while the T-Mobile Dash recharges is a great convenience and i love it.

All it needs is a USB cord.

Yahoo! Says the Future Will be Modeled on Facebook

always wondered what the Yahoo game plan in this space was. They may be losing executives but they must have some amazing homegrown talent that can come up with new ideas. The future of both email and start pages is in social networking, according to Yahoo, but what's really at issue here are two concepts that Yahoo execs didn't name explicitly, but which will be familiar to most of the readers here. RSS and Attention Data.

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Podcamp DC EDU - 11-10-07

Podcamp DC EDU - 11-10-07
Originally uploaded by Joel Mark Witt Shashi Bellamkonda (me) Talking to Whitney Hoffman of LDPodcast a free weekly podcast/internet radio show about learning and learning disabilities.

Original Photo from Podcamp EDU 2007 Courtesy Joel Mark Witt

A Vision of Students Today - Students and how they absorb Information

Michael Wesch in collaboration with 200 students at Kansas State University created this video and posted it to YouTube. The video has so far had 803,906 views since it was posted. I came across this video from Joel Mark Witt from who showed thsi video before his presentation at the PodCampEDU 2007 at the American university. Great video please spread it to friends.

Joel Mark Witt - very witty

Joel mark hewitt Sure woke everyone - He is Witty

Look at to watch Joel Mark Hewitt ride camels.


Newmediajim and Loren at podacampDC2007

GEosteph at podacmpDC2007

Tammy Munson at Podcamp EDU

Tammy Munson :

Website resources:

Pod cast tools:
Olympus ws200




Andy Carvin talking at pPodcamp Edu 2007

Great idea & You got there first ....Story of MobaSoft

I wrote about Chipin in a previous post. Today on Twitter Michael Bailey posted a link to his Blog and talked about his products and his struggle for launching them. Its a story that resonates with many of us who dream of building our own thing or have the next big idea or even just start our own business.

Is the formula for success being quick to market ? Should we wait for everyhting to be perfect or do we let users drive our features ? This is every online product innovators dilemma. Some have taken the risk and succeeded and some succeded without taking the risk.

Where will Mobasoft go ? You could turn this into a reality show and make this successful and shape the future for Mobasoft. You can chipin at Remember the guy who got $1M by making people buy a pixel on his homepage for $1.

ZDNET Review of the T-Mobile Shadow

T-Mobile Shadow sets the standard for Windows Mobile usability by ZDNet's Matthew Miller -- I was reading one of my favorite mobile sites, Mobility Site, and saw that NY Times writer David Pogue apparently had a chance to try out the T-Mobile Shadow and provided his thoughts. I am not quite sure how much time he actually spent with the device since I think he missed a few features [...]I am going to strongly think about this phone when I replace my T-mobile Dash which has excellent value.
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Now is Gone Launch Party

I was part of Geoff Livingston’s Book launch for “Now Is Gone” you are a small business or a large corporation you are either asking yourself what strategy to follow in the new Social media or how to implode without participating in social media. Don’t bother about Power point presentations or large unwieldy word docs. Just buy the book and present it to the decision maker.The book is officially launching on Nov 12th. The launch party was nice – friends, family, colleagues and DC bloggers who didn’t go to the BlogWorldExpo - I was thrilled to meet ……..Jim Long (Verge New Media/NBC Universal) The guy who twitters that the Eagle has landed ,Ashley Shillingsburg (Capitol Solutions/ to whom I said “ But I thought MobileDiner was a guy JJonathan Trenn (Participate) we had just friended each other on Facebook a few hours and there were meeting in real life , Ann Bernard ( works too hard andruns to meetings at 9 p.m . …
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FaceBook Business Pages

I was reading Jeremiah Owyang 's posting on the  Facebook Announcement yesterday. Jay answers some good questions. I think since he mentioned that they had a Foresster page established but not yet published it gives you the opportunity for corporations to start building a page but not yet publish it.

Corporates please take note of Jeremiah 's Quote :
"Please, before you rush in and create a Facebook page for your company, consider the overall strategy, and use the POST methodology that we prescribe: People, Objectives, Strategy, and then finally Technology."

 I have some questions that I did not find answered on Facebook or other sites:

How should corporations deal with  Abusive comments and outright spam?
Should corporations turn the wall off ? What are the ramifications?
Will corporations have the ability to delete comments or moderate them?

Anyone care to answer them? This may be helpful for anyone wating to answer the question.
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Collecting Money from your group

My friend Steve Dembo is doing a very noble thing. He is raising money from his online and off line friends for Habitat for Humanity . Extremely noble motive and a great thing to do. What is amazing is that he is using to make it easy for anyone to make a contribution.

Please visit his Blog and make a contribution

Chipin gives you the option of a target for fund raising and by answering a few basic questions you are good to start collecting money for a noble cause.

What's the purpose of your ChipIn?How much money do you need to collect?When do you need the money by?How would you like to collect your money?You can get widgets that you can add to a blog or website . You can even embed the ChipIn widget on MySpace, Typepad, Blogger, and Netvibes. I believe Chipin has a FacebookApp too.

Chpin uses Paypal to collect the money and gives you a dashboard to check the progress of your goals.
Mobile post sent by shashib using Utterz. Replies.
What is Utterz? You can start podcasting from your phone using Utterz. You can participate in the network and reply to anyone else's Utterz or create your own group and exchange views. The cool thing is the ability to do this independent of your PC.

If it is a weekend or night and you have unlimited night and weekend minutes you will like using the feature to listen to everyone's Utterz. I liked listening to the Utterz Topic of the day and the responses while driving.

What I do not like about it : The prompts are all numbers without the voice option. While driving and using Bluetooth I would rather be able to say "1" or "6" in my "southern accent" than try to manipulate keyboard on my T Mobile Dash. That is probably illegal if i cross the DC line.

It is a great tool and has a lot of uses in the social media. using Utterz I post directly to the audio portion of this post.

What does the Google Android Announcement Mean to you ?

I have been complaining about the restrictions on cellphones in the US by the cellphone companies a lot. I probably should be happy with today's announcement of a Open Phone Operating system.

Everyphone has a Operating System that runs the phone just like Windows runs PCs. If you have a phone with an internet connection the chances are that your phone has one of these operating systems:

Symbian, Palm, Openwave, Windows Mobile.

Google has announced that it will introduce the Android OS with its partners in a Open HAndset Alliance( Both Phone companies and device manufacturers will use for cellphones) Google, T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola, Sprint and others. The phones with this platform will be available in the Summer of 2008.

So if you are in the market for a phone today go right ahead and buy it. 3 Billion people already use Mobile devices (

When Android is established by the end of 2008 - the other factors not changing ( example : Mi…

Flock New Social Media Browser

When I first tried Flock I had given up on them. When they came back with their latest avatar they have done a good job. Flock is a free makes it easy to connect with your social media sites and your RSS feeds.

When I open flock i have my Flickr photos running as a loop on top ( I can choose any Flickr feed or a random feed) I have a side bar called "My World" that gives me access to my accounts that I have specified for example : Blogs, Twitter....

When Flickrsees a page with a media element or a feed its tells me with a subtlemessage on my browser window and the coolest thing about it is the "Sow me how " button . Clicking it will present the button in such a obvious manner. This is the friendliest design I have seen in any web application.

There are a couple of plug-ins that I have to check. Off technology it seems like the flock guys are absolutely plugged-in. They have a community ambassador Evan . You can actually contact him by AIM, Skype, GTalk or email. I did…