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Chat Tomorrow Night Sept 25th 8 p.m #MasterYourBrandChat

The term "influencers" can be often misconstrued to mean celebrities only. This could have been true in a media that was a one way broadcast and no engagement. Simply defined anyone who has the power to change or effect opinions or behaviors can be an influencer. In childhood our parents are influencers as we grow friends, family and colleagues become influencers. In today's connected world you could be influenced by a detailed review on Amazon or Yelp, or reviewers on blogs. As a business owner how would you "Influence the Influencer"? How would you find them? Do they matter to your business? What are your thoughts? Join us in the #MasterYourBrandChat with   Akia Garnett   Tuesday September can participate in by going to and entering this "hashtag"   #MasterYourBrandChat   at 8 p.m or go to TweetChat

Swami's List of Startups to Check Out This Week : @mailstromapp @sano_int @backtweets @storiesinherited @pichaglobal

  This weeks Swami's List of Startups that are interesting and worth checking out : MailStrom :   @mailstromapp Intuitive way to clean your inbox and unsubscribe lists. Works with Gmail or any other IMAP enabled email SanoIntelligence :  @sano_int: Sano is building a small, wearable sensor that can capture and transmit blood chemistry data continuously to virtually any device. BackTweets : @BackTweets : Lets you search "through a tweet index spanning more than three years and reaching up to real-time." StoriesInherited : @storiesinherited : "Stories Inherited is a life history company committed to helping families document, preserve and share their loved one’s experiences and stories in a professional format " PichaGlobal : @PichaGlobal : Selling and buying photos to raise funds Start-up List : Week of 08/25 Loyakk :  @loyakk  : You own event social network - simply realtime Speek:  @speekapp  : Social connections and conference calling.