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GreenLand votes for freedom in Freezing cold

  Flickr Photo by Stml After 300 years Greenland will become independent from Denmark. A large number of voters turned up despite heavy snow and temperatures of minus 5 degrees Celsius (23 F). Its good news but Greenland has to find new sources of income to finally be independent of Denmark, Minerals and Ols maybe its path to total independence. Green land is the world's largest island 2,166,086 sq km with 81% ice capped. According to AFP reports " In a referendum on November 25, Greenland's voters overwhelmingly approved a proposal on self-rule. The new status will take effect in June 2009. "Education is the key to ... our independence," says Jonathan Motzfeldt, the father of the semi-autonomy status Greenland obtained in 1979 and who headed the local government for 17 years". Flickr Photo by Nick Russil l Interesting facts about Greenland: Capital: Nuuk Population : 56,000 Size: 2,166,086 sq. Km 3 Times the size of Texas.

The latest Economist vs Time who wins?

The latest Economist vs Time who wins? , originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda . I admire the Economist. It presents a world view that I have enjoyed during various stages of my life in India, Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine and here in the US. I collected my mail today and saw a very stark difference in the cover of the Time and the Economist. I will give the Time the benefit of doubt that maybe they intended to change the cover but could not due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Black Friday : Good luck with your shopping

I am not planning to do much shopping but a friend of mine said that he was going for a hard Drive Deal at office Depot 650GB that is going cheaply. The other deal was probably best Buy 42 inch TV for $599 I think. Network Solutions is selling domain names at $9.99 for Black Friday only. More details on the Network Solutions Blog. Special coupon for our blog readers (for a limited time). Use the code OFFER00522 - at check out for 25% off all annual term Hosting and specific website/ hosting business packages at Network Solutions.   Technorati Tags: black friday

Mumbai War Zone : Great photo from Vinu

IMG_5767 , originally uploaded by Vinu . Pictures speak louder than words. This is the picture that Blogger Vinu Ranganathan took from the operations around his house.

Helicopter Approaching Nariman Bldg

Helicopter Approaching Nariman Bldg , originally uploaded by ArunShanbhag . From Mumbai Blogger Arun Shabagh Uploaded by ArunShanbhag on 27 Nov 08, 10.13PM EST.

Mumbai Bombay Terror: 24 hours Later

saw these on the same day , originally uploaded by Rex Chen . Photos: Hindustan Times Photo Gallery : AP Story on Business impact: 9 Curry King's Eyewitness Account: Residents of Bombay tweeting: Streams from people on the scene Another Flickr Stream with pictures #mumbai warning this pic is traumatic List of dead or injured News: Small Child rescued from jewish Center in Mumbai Bombay :,2933,458345,00.html How Social Media Reacted to Mumbai : New York Times :

Bombay Blast Pics : Blogger posts to Flickr

IMG_5451 , originally uploaded by Vinu . One of the first pics appearing online from the Mumbai area are from this Indian Blogger and @vinu on Twitter. Many  other pics If the phone lines are jammed then you can take this helpful info from @Gauravonomics great resources Mumbai   Help blog &   and   @bobgourley India is still secure , life will go on as you will see at dawn so my advice to anyone traveling is not to reconsider travel plans. The country is very resilient and Bombay is very strong. The terrorists are trying to harm the economy by spreading fear and causing cancellations I think. I was there in July ( My parents live there) Photo Courtesy : Indian Express I salute the Bombay Police who had 3 casualties : Hemant Karkare, the chief of the police anti-terrorist squad in the city, was killed during t

Meeting Imogen Heap at Pop!Tech and listening to the Pop!Tech Parrot

You can see by the number of blog posts on Pop!tech that the effect of Pop!tech is still with me. Imogen heap was awesome and she is so down to earth. She was nominated for the Grammy's and has a lot of hits ( I have to depend on my daughter for all my music knowledge)Check this video out from the Pop!Cast and don't cheat because watching it is important don't move the screen and just listen :) In the video she took a phrase from the audience and just composed a song on the fly and demoed her parrot . What an amazing talent - Imogen Heap  you rock and pop ! @ Yahoo! Video Here is my picture with a star on the closing day dinner Technorati Tags: imogen heap , poptech , shashi bellamkonda , shashib

Network Solutions Black Friday Widget for all Black Friday Deals

I was happily drinking coffee in a San Francisco Starbucks and Talking to Geoff Livingston and Chris Carfi. Chris pulls out his Iphone and shows me a Cerado Widget. I have a "Aha " Moment and then we think of how to get feeds from Black Friday deals in one place whether on a website/blog or a phone. Thats how this website got created. Read Network Solutions blog. I am excited that Network Solutions is participating in the Black Friday frenzy and will be having a surprise sale. Definitely go to Network Solutions and check out the special prices for Black Friday . ( I will update this post when the deal is final). In the meantime I have a special coupon for our blog readers (for a limited time). Use the code OFFER00522 - at check out for 25% off all annual term Hosting and specific website/ hosting business packages. read more digg story

Domain Names from Network Solutions and Bagels

I am sitting in my cube and eating a Bagel and then it strikes me- someone at Network Solutions loves bagels a lot.  I am looking at the  free keyword alert page which is for anyone who wants to track expiring domains and there is a bagel on the page. Believe me the keyword alerts is a useful service that I personally use to keep track of all domain names that are expiring with the words "shashi" in them. You should use it for keywords that have to with your name or your business and then if a domain name becomes available you just buy it.  Of course this Keyword alert service is free but the Bagels ? You have to buy them on your own. If you are addicted to RSS feeds the here is another way to get information about expired domains an RSS feed .   Now continuing with my bagel story , I used to be the product manager for Network Solutions Email long before I became a Social Media Sw

Coming to DC for the inauguration, its only 82 days away! :)

Guest post by Caroline Allison - If you're planning on coming to DC for the inauguration, its only 82 days away! :) My hometown - Washington DC - is expecting 1.5 million people for this big historical event! Its going to be a blast! Apparently, all the hotels (90,000 rooms) are sold out. Can you believe it? If you would still like to come to DC and are looking for a place OR would like to rent out your DC pad - you should consider checking out Viscape at . Viscape is a great way to make a short term housing connection through trust-based social networks! Viscape is totally FREE, and lets your friends in your network know that your house is available for inauguration weekend. Way cool! So now you may be thinking - "OK Caroline, this is way too much of a marketing message." BUT I'm only doing this because it would be so great to see all of you and enjoy this great historical event with friends! So, I hope to see you

Andy Beal : How to spy on your Competition at PubCon 2008

Competitive Intelligence by Andy Beal View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: pubcon pubcon2008 ) I met Andy Beal first at SXSW and have read his book Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online . At Pubcon 2008 I attended his panel on Competitive intelligence . All the panelists had some good tips on spying on your competitors. Andy posted his presentation on his blog 14 Competitive Intelligence Tools (aka How to Spy on Matt Cutts) . Thanks Andy.

The Shashi's in the Blogosphere

I have a google alert for my name "shashi" and through that I have come to know my namesakes who blog. it is intersting to read my namesake's blog. here is a list: Shashi Tharoor : Writes a blog/column for Times if India Called "Shashi on Sunday" Shashi Nayagam : Simon Shashi: Shashi Bhat : Are you a "Shashi" who blogs? Do you know of any Shashi who blogs? Comment here and let me know

My Friend Jeremiah

My Friend Jeremiah , originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk . This picture of Jeremiah Owyang taken by Thomas Hawk Has some interesting commentary on Flickr. The title of the Picture is : My friend Jeremiah .. Now you should go there and say something creative . - My Friend Jeremiah .. is running away from Global Warming

Can Charlene Li be both at the East Coast and West Coast

charlene li at sncr , originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda . Josh bernoff is a true Gentleman and did want to make sure Charlene Li was represented at the SNCR award winning ceremony in Boston on Nov 14th. The award for Groundswell. How did Chalene manage to be both in the West Coast and East Coast at the same time ? We always knew she had super powers ;)

Twitterank Creator Speaks at ZDnet : Its all good

After Oliver Marks wrote a post on ZDnet  Gullible Users hand over their username and passwords   the creator of Twitterank Ryo Chijiiwa contacted Oliver and wrote a guest post on Oliver's ZDNET blog . Hi. My name is Ryo, and I’m the developer of Twitterank, which is not some grand scheme to steal thousands of Twitter accounts, but a casual experiment gone horribly horribly right. Here’s my side of the story: Read more ...   You can read Royo Chijiwa's posts at . I think you should appreciate his creativity in creating this application "One hour I had 8 new users. The next hour I had 109. The next 400. Then 1500. Then 2400. All this happened while I was at work, and my primary concern was keeping the site up" This is a case study on how things can go viral both ways. Yesterday despite the heavy Twitter users at Pubcon 2008 Twitterank was the top trending topic on Twitter. Users were using Twitterank and rumors were

Great way to check your domain name's redirect

Bill Hartzer's latest post on the Vizion Interactive Blog has links to 2 good resources  -  Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer and Google ' s new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide . In the post Bill explains a few ways to redirect the page. Go here to Bill Hartzer's post to read more. Rex Swain's Tool : This can be used to find out if you are doing your redirect right, checking headers. Rex is a software developer of over 30 years experience and has some great free tools at . Thank you Rex. The Google Search Engine Optimization guide is a good read to learn the basics of optimizing your web site.

Can you Really Blend a Rake? George says Yes !

Today's Keynote at Pubcon was by George Wright , VP Marketing & Sales, Blendtec. George told us the story of how with $50 as a budget and some innovative ideas can get a company better branding. The story of Blendtec started with great products but not much brand recognition. The Will It Blend viral video series by BlendTec increased BlendTec sales by over 700%. I will add to this post so please come back to this post in a few days. I met George and asked him if he tracked the traffic from specific videos to sales and he answered by saying that this while exercise wan not about sales but about brand promotion which leads to more sales.   great Tweets from @skitzzo on this keynote: "Instead of making ads, make content." - Blendtech's George Wright #pubcon keynote "the result of a strong brand is sales" - George Wright #pubcon keynote

Personal brand is when people tattoo it

Personal brand is when people tattoo it , originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda . I actually heard a professor at Wharton tell me this in relation to brand value for companies and he used the example of Harley Davison ( see flickr for harley tattoos Today Geoff Livingston was writing a blog post that is going to be published on and he wanted this picture. Imagine that ! I took a sneak preview of the post that will be published shortly and its verrrry interesting . Do you have a brand tatoo ? If you did think about it which brand do you love that you don't mind tattooing to your arm.

How to get links #pubcon

How to get links #pubcon , originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda . How to get links #pubcon I always carry this with me in case I have to charge both my laptop and phone and there is only one power point. At Pubcon it came in useful to make new friends and help old friends. Specially met Jessica Cameron @camrudd and Kenny Hyder OF course @geoffliving is here too

Linking The Laid Off On Linkedin, On Facebook, And On

I thought this message from Vince Wright was noble so I am reproducing his message below in the hope of spreading it.   Are you, or someone you know, one of the 1.2 Million Americans who lost their jobs in 2008? If so, please join us in "Linking The Laid Off". The purpose of "Linking The Laid Off" to help those who've been laid off to expedite their job search via brainstorming about the social media services you and I know so well. If social media can be used to help fill the most powerful job in the world, it stands to reason that social media can help you and me find the jobs we need for ourselves and for our families. At present there are three places you may choose to join "Linking The Laid Off": 1. On Facebook, it's located at: 2. On Linkedin Groups, it's located at: 3. On My Linking Power Forum, it's

Google queries for the last 24 hours from Pubcon

This came up int he panel Understanding The Complex Social Marketing Playing Field and the query that will give you the all the Google results in the last 24 hours is by adding &as_qdr=d to the end of your search query.To explain this in steps a) Search google just like you normally do b) in the address bar add this &as_qdr=d example c) You will see the results for the last 24 hours and also a drop down to change the period to 24 hours, last week, last month, last year.   Thanks Rand Fish of SEOMOZ Other blog posts on this subject

Social Media Club in San Francisco/Silicon Valley Nov 18th 2008

I am always excited to go to the West Coast even though it means that I fly almost what seems to be halfway to India :) This trip 16th to 18th November I am excited to be part of the Social Media Club in San Francisco/Silicon Valley event on Tuesday  November 18, 2008 in San Mateo for “Five for Sharing” a night of five 10 minute presentations of social media case studies. The Social Media Club in San Francisco/Silicon Valley  would like to hear about ideas you want to present or want to see presented. See the Social Media Club site for more details.   Five for Sharing: Social Media Case Studies Tuesday, November 18, 2008 from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (PT) San Mateo, CA   Signup here   If you are upto it and have time to meet let me know on 17th or 18th November in San Francisco we can have a tweetup maybe.

Blogger Relations in Network Solutions Corporate Website

I am very proud that the Network Solutions website has a tab under the PR contact that says Blogger Relations and has my Network Solutions phone number and contact information. As the Network Solutions Social Media Swami I have been working with our team to  help people on all possible channels where our customer's are. We have an id @netsolcares on Twitter. We encourage people to reach out to us on social media channels including the the Network Solutions Facebook page . I sometimes get calls on my cell phone who have found my number on the Network Solutions page. I am thrilled about this as this gives me a chance to speak to customers directly. What can be more powerful than that. I pass some requests that Are beyond me  on to smarter people at Network Solutions who can help and we have been successful in providing a great experience using social media tools. I sometimes tweet my cell phone  number on Twitter

How to Change StumbelUpon password

This was bugging me a lot and I did not find a way to do this. Fortunately using Search I came up with this answer on a blog . It may be a way to encourage more people to download the toolbar. Well if you like StumbleUpon I guess you have to live with it. Did not see support for Opera and Chrome yet. Good luck remembering your original password :)

Offline Link Love

Washington DC National Book Fair on the Mall , originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda . Washington DC National Book Fair on the Mall had a board where you could recommend a book to the Library of Congress ( They probably have a copy of every book published anyway :) ). here is my offline link love to Rohit Bhargava for "Personality Not Included" . How do you relate your blog/website to your offline community ? Does an offline community exist? In my case when I attend or speak at a event i get a hadnful if more blog visitors. Do you?

Evolutions of Dance ! Judson Laipply in Las Vegas

At Blog World Expo I had the pleasure to meet Judson Laipply at the Zappos party at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. He literally danced on a ledge at the Planet Hollywood. This is the best 6 minutes you will enjoy :

Reconnecting with Dan Roam - Author The Back of the Napkin

In my first email to him after maybe 2 decades i almost said " Dude ! Where is the beard !". I met Dan Roam in the late 90's in the Soviet Union soon to be Russia where  he founded Red Square Productions in Moscow. I am not sure if he remembers this but my first ever video game in my life was from him on a 8088 HP laptop that had a battery that weighed like a tank. Dan looks very young in this picture above but don;t let that fool you , he looked younger when I knew him.  I hope I meet him again sometime soon. It amazes me that I have met so many authors and consider many of them my friends. Here is a list of authors I have met - Dan Roam, Tim Ferriss, Guy Kawasaki, Rohit Bhargava, Debbie Weil , Geoff Livingston, Greg Cangialosi, Charlene LI, Sarah Lacy, Barry Moltz, Frank Warren, KD Paine, Jay Berkowitz, Malcolm Gladwell,  ( I may have forgotten some people) Dan Roam's blog is at and his bio courtesy of the Advertising show

Mary Meeker - Technology and Internet Trends 2008

MorganStanley Techtrendsweb2 110508 View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: morganstanley web2summit ) This is a very sought after report each year from the Web 2,0 conference. its good that Morgan Stanley makes it available at sites like Slide Share for people to see. I am posting it in case it is useful to my readers. let me know.

Videos : Experts give tips to Small Business in YouTube SolutionsArePower Channel

  The SolutionsStarsVideo Conference videos are on Youtube SolutionsArePower Channel

Blog World Expo 2008 Sarah Lacy and Shashi Bellamkonda

Blog World Expo 2008 Sarah Lacy and Shashi Bellamkonda , originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda . I am holding a autographed copy of Sarah Lacy's book - Once you are Lucky and Twice You are Good. BTW I met her twice at Gnomedex and Blog World Expo :)

Photo optimization : Inside the Marketers Studio - David Berkowitz's Marketing Blog

Dave Berkowitz wrote about Photo Optimization in the Media Post column Search Insider and has an interview of : Meeting a self-described social media swami isn't necessarily a religious experience, but it's almost always a learning experience. At least that was the case when I met Shashi Bellamkonda , whose more formal title is the Chief Social Media Evangelist for Network Solutions. Inside the Marketers Studio - David Berkowitz's Marketing Blog , Nov 2008 You should read the whole article and post your comments This picture got viewed 260 times on the day this post was published. See Follow up post by Joe here

Live #votereports across the country:

You should check this site and also contribute to the votereport . it is easy : Four ways to submit reports to Vote Report: Twitter: include #votereport and other tags to describe the scene on the ground SMS: Send text messages to 66937 (MOZES) starting with the keyword #votereport plus other hash tags iPhone: We have a Twitter Vote Report iPhone app in the App store! Phone: Call our automated system at 567-258-VOTE (8683) to report about conditions, using any touch-tone phone Here is a message from Twittervotereport : Today -  November 4th 2008, millions of Americans will go to over 200,000 distinct voting locations and using different systems and machinery to vote.  Some voters will have a terrific experiences, and others will experience the same problems we have been hearing about for years - long lines, broken machines, inaccurate voting rolls, and others will experience problems that we haven’t heard about before. That’s why a new citizen-driven electio

Poptech 2008 - Camden Maine - Cool Gloves

Poptech 2008 - Camden Maine Originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda These gloves were co cool that I had to take a picture

Rufus Cappadocia and Friends - Pop!Tech 2008

@ Yahoo! Video I wrote in a previous post about Rufus Cappadocia and his amazing cello performance  and then on the last day of Poptech Rufus Cappadocia performed again with an amzing trio from Haiti. Here is apicture of me with the master drummers from Haiti.