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WHCD: A Festival of the Media, By the Media

The 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) was held on April 27th at the Washington Hilton. I was invited to a pre-dinner party by Thomson Reuters and got a chance to experience the spirit of the White House Correspondents Dinner. The venue is very convenient, a few blocks from the Dupont Circle Metro (I expect not many attendees would use the Metro) and about 2 miles from the White House The lobby of the Washington Hilton has a section cordoned off for photographers and when any celebrity enters you can see the flash bulbs go off and the celebrities stop and pose for the photos. Nothing of this kind happened as I walked in ;). The main event is a "back tie" affair. The receptions (Yes- There are many of them) also specify black tie yet it didn't seem to matter as long as you dressed well.The 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner is a celebration of the media and a chance to mingle with the subject of their reports in a causal atmosphere. The Thomson Reuters

My Commute Has Gone North with My New Job

As I enter the 4th week of my new job at The Bozzuto Group  I wanted to share my commute experience. For the first time my commute is in a northern direction from the Rockville/Gaithersburg area on I495.  This also means I am entirely in the State of Maryland and there is no crossing the American Legion bridge. Best of all it's a shorter commute. 5 things to learn on a new commute : Gas stations : Looking for the cheapest gas, I think Greenbelt has cheaper rates than Rockville/Gaithersburg but since the Bozzuto offices are right near the interstate exit going for gas is a detour. Banks : No change here as Capital One banks are everywhere Alternate routes and traffic backups : As you spend a lot of time on a particular commuter route you get used to which lane is the best. I do not like changing lanes much so I choose one lane and stick to it. In this new route , I have not chosen a route yet that I can stick to from end to end. The Metro is not a viable option since the

The 25th Anniversary is a Great Time to Start at the Bozzuto Group

On April 4th  The Bozzuto Group  ( I am proud to let you know I work there as VP, Digital Marketing ) celebrated it's 25th Anniversary. The story the founders of the company and other employees narrate in  a video is very interesting. I would recommend a visit to Boozuto25,com  to check out the video and the timeline of the past 25 years. The celebration was held in downtown Baltimore at the American Visionary Art Museum. I love my infrequent visits to Baltimore. This museum was really fantastic. I took the time to see some of the exhibits of the American Museum of Visionary Arts and want to go there again with my son. included in the celebrations was a superb  Bozzuto museum with a collection of some great memorable pieces collected from over the years. As I settle in my new job and share my excitement of learning a lot about the real estate world, the community of my friends has been very supportive and encouraging. Mark Alves posted this awesome update a few days