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AI generated summary of 60 minutes AI edition

In a 60 Minutes interview that aired on April 17, 2023, Google CEO Sundar Pichai warned that artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly and that society needs to be prepared for the impact it will have on our lives. Pichai said that AI has the potential to be more profound than the discovery of fire or electricity, but that it also has the potential to be harmful if it is not used responsibly.Pichai discussed some of the ways that AI is already being used in our lives, such as in self-driving cars, medical diagnosis, and customer service. He also talked about some of the potential risks of AI, such as job displacement, bias, and privacy concerns.Pichai said that Google is committed to using AI for good, and that the company is working on developing ethical guidelines for AI development. He also said that Google is working with governments around the world to develop regulations for AI.Pichai's interview is a reminder that AI is a powerful technology that has the potential to change our world in profound ways. It is important to be aware of the potential benefits and risks of AI, and to work to ensure that AI is used for good.Here are some of the key takeaways from the interview:
AI is advancing rapidly and has the potential to be more profound than the discovery of fire or electricity.
AI has the potential to be used for good or for harm.
Google is committed to using AI for good and is working on developing ethical guidelines for AI development.
Google is working with governments around the world to develop regulations for AI.
It is important to be aware of the potential benefits and risks of AI, and to work to ensure that AI is used for good.

Can bees be sentient?

According to a growing body of research, bees are sentient, self-aware and have emotional lives³. A study by Newcastle University researchers Melissa Bateson and Jeri Wright found that honeybee response "has more in common with that of vertebrates than previously thought" and "suggest that honeybees could be regarded as exhibiting emotions"¹. The study was published in Current Biology in June 2011¹.

An experiment where honey bees were shaken for 60 seconds to simulate a predatory attack found that the bees' equivalent of blood — called haemolymph — was lower in dopamine and serotonin after shaking, compared with bees that weren't shaken. Both dopamine and serotonin are involved in mood regulation in humans².

The research raises questions about how bees are used in the agricultural sector or in laboratory experiments, where they've traditionally been seen as little more than tools³.

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AI may not exactly follow your instructions! But that is Ok.

A Large Learning Model uses AI/Machine Learning to recognize the data presented to it and connect the dots. Sometimes using initiative to add to your prompt.

Here is an example. 

I am sitting in the library and these are the actual pictures.

I use the Bing Image Creator powered by Dall-E to give it this prompt. 
I am sitting in a library and working on my laptop, The laptop is in front of me as I type. To my left is the laptop's power cord and below it is my phone that is charging. on my right is a mousepad with my mouse and in front of it is a water bottle that is made of steel and has a blue top. The table I am sitting on has 5 chairs all spread out across the table. On the chair next to me is my backpack. I am Indian and I am wearing a black jacket as it is a bit cold here.

Here are the images that I get back.

The additions in the image that I did not mention were - notebooks, blue chairs in the library, and the position of the mouse. The laptop bag is not on the chair. 

My Observations:

  • It got the place library right, books, bookshelves, chairs. It has enough data to recognize the visual components of the library
  • Telling the AI that I am an Indian meant that I had to accept what the Ai thinks is a consolidation of what it has learned as photos of people from India. I did not say if I am a boy or a girl but the model may have information from my profile or not.
  • Waterbottle is a no brainer
  • The model has not learned what a "on the chair next to me is my laptop bag" There may not be many photos in the learning data about this scene
I think both Microsoft, Open AI, and Google are throttling back some of the capabilities as it may be easy to improve the results of my prompt by adding more learning. I think the concern is if the model returns results too close to reality there may be a lot of anxiety about what could happen next. 

Bard's Response:

It sounds like you are working hard in the library. I hope you are finding it a quiet and productive place to work.

I can picture you sitting at a table with your laptop in front of you. To your left is the laptop's power cord, and below it is your phone that is charging. On your right is a mousepad with your mouse, and in front of it is a water bottle that is made of steel and has a blue top. The table you are sitting at has 5 chairs, all spread out across the table. On the chair next to you is your backpack. You are Indian, and you are wearing a black jacket as it is a bit cold here.

I hope you have a great day!



Tuesday, March 14, 2023

How to leverage Google’s AI Vision service for your computer vision needs

Google Cloud AI Vision is a new service that allows you to easily build and deploy computer vision applications on the cloud. With Google Cloud AI Vision, you can access pre-trained models for common tasks such as object detection, face recognition, text extraction, and more. You can also customize and train your own models using Google’s state-of-the-art AutoML technology. Some of the benefits and use cases of Google Cloud AI Vision for different industries and scenarios.

Computer vision is one of the most influential and versatile applications of artificial intelligence (AI). It enables machines to understand and interact with the visual world, unlocking new possibilities for businesses across various domains.

However, building and deploying computer vision applications can be challenging and costly. It requires specialized skills, hardware, data, and tools. That’s why Google has launched its new Vertex AI Vision service1, which aims to simplify and democratize computer vision on the cloud.

What is Google Cloud AI Vision?

Google Cloud AI Vision is a computer-vision-as-a-service capability that lets you easily create and run computer vision applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It offers two main features:

Pre-trained models: You can use ready-made models for common computer vision tasks such as object detection, face recognition, text extraction, logo detection, landmark recognition, product search, etc. These models are powered by Google’s cutting-edge research and technology such as TensorFlow1 , BERT etc.

Custom models: You can also build your own models using AutoML Vision1, which automates the process of data labeling, model training, evaluation, and deployment. You can either use your own data or leverage Google’s public datasets such as Open Images , YouTube-8M , etc.

With Google Cloud AI Vision, you don’t need to worry about infrastructure management or scalability issues. You only pay for what you use based on your computing and storage needs. You also get access to Google’s security features such as encryption at rest and in transit1.

How can Google Cloud AI Vision benefit your business?

Google Cloud AI Vision can help you solve various business problems using computer vision. Here are some examples of how different industries and scenarios can benefit from this service:

Retail: You can use Google Cloud AI Vision to enhance your customer experience by providing product recommendations based on visual similarity1, enabling visual search on your website or app1, detecting counterfeit products1, etc.

Healthcare: You can use Google Cloud AI Vision to improve patient care by diagnosing diseases based on medical images1, detecting anomalies in X-rays or MRI scans1, monitoring patient behavior using video analytics1, etc.

Manufacturing: You can use Google Cloud AI Vision to optimize your production process by inspecting product quality using defect detection1, measuring dimensions using object measurement1, tracking inventory using barcode recognition1, etc.

Education: You can use Google Cloud AI Vision to enhance your learning outcomes by grading student assignments based on handwriting recognition1, creating interactive quizzes based on image classification1, generating captions for educational videos using speech-to-text transcription1, etc.

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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Meta Plans to Launch a New Social Media App to Rival Twitter

Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is exploring the possibility of launching a new standalone social media app that could rival Twitter and other microblogging competitors such as Mastodon. This move could mark a significant effort by Meta to challenge Twitter’s position as the world’s “digital town square”, according to a report by Barron’s.

Source: Barron’s @janetcho

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Wallops Island Launch Today

Rocket Lab's Electron is set to launch its second Electron rocket from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility at 6 o'clock on Saturday[^1^][1]. This will be the second flight from American soil by the space launch company.

NASA said it will support its second Rocket Lab Electron rocket launch from its Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on Saturday night[^2^][2].

This exciting event should be visible throughout our area and is a great opportunity for space enthusiasts to witness a rocket launch up close.

Credit: MSN News, WTKR News, Bing Source: “Launch this evening from Wallops Island should be visible throughout our area”, “NASA announces electron rocket launch this weekend: Here’s how you can watch

The Future of AI: PaLM-E and Beyond

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years. From simple chatbots to advanced machine learning algorithms, AI has revolutionized the way we interact with technology. One of the latest advancements in this field is PaLM-E, an embodied multimodal language model developed by Google.

PaLM-E integrates AI-powered vision and language to enable autonomous robotic control. The main architectural idea of PaLM-E is to inject continuous, embodied observations such as images, state estimates, or other sensor modalities into the language embedding space of a pre-trained language model.

This allows for more natural interactions between humans and robots. Instead of having to program specific commands for each task, robots equipped with PaLM-E can understand and carry out complex tasks based on human voice commands.

But this is just the beginning. As AI continues to evolve and improve, we can expect even more advanced capabilities from models like PaLM-E. The future of AI is bright and full of possibilities.

This blog post was created with the help of Bing search engine and its sources including , , , and .

Arctic Connect: A New Era of Internet Connectivity

The Arctic Connect subsea cable is an exciting new development that promises to revolutionize internet connectivity between Europe and Asia. This Finnish initiative, led by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and implemented by state-owned infrastructure operator Cinia Ltd., aims to lay a submarine communication cable along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) on the Arctic seabed.

By taking advantage of the shorter distance between Europe and Asia via the Arctic, this cable will provide faster internet connections with lower latency. The 14,000-kilometer cable system will significantly reduce optical distance between Asia and Europe, minimizing delays in data traffic. The project is estimated to cost around 1 billion euros ($1.15 billion) and is expected to be ready for use by the end of 2025.

This ambitious project has garnered significant interest from both governments and businesses alike. It represents a major step forward in connecting some of Earth's last digital frontiers and has the potential to greatly benefit both individuals and organizations.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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Why You Need Google Keep's Single Note Widget

 Google Keep is a note app that works on any device. You can use it to make notes, lists, photos, voice memos, and more. But Google Keep has a new feature that makes it even better. It's called the Single note widget.

The Single note widget lets you pin a note to your home screen. You can choose any note you want and change its size and color. Here are some benefits of using the Single note widget:

- You can save time by not opening the app to see or edit a note.

- You can focus on your most important or urgent note.

- You can update your note easily or check off items as you do them.

- You can share your note with others by tapping on the share icon. You can work with them on tasks or projects in real-time.

- You can set reminders for your note by tapping on the reminder icon. You can get notified when it's time to do something.

The Single note widget is available with version of Google Keep. You can download it from Google Play Store. To use it, long-press on an empty space on your home screen and select Widgets. Then find Google Keep and drag the Single Note option to where you want it. Then pick which note you want to pin and adjust its size and color.

If you want a simple and powerful way to take notes and stay organized, try Google Keep's Single Note Widget. It might help you be more productive and efficient.



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What's New in Marketing Today? A Roundup of the Latest Trends and News

 One of the most exciting news articles about marketing today is how Microsoft is using OpenAI technology to create a new solution called Copilot, which can help marketers generate fresh email content and more quickly build customer service tools. Copilot is part of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 platform, which offers a suite of cloud-based CRM and ERP applications. Copilot can analyze data from various sources and suggest personalized messages, offers, and actions for each customer. It can also create chatbots and voice assistants that can handle common queries and tasks.

This article explains how Copilot works and what benefits it can bring to marketers who want to improve their customer engagement and retention. It also discusses some of the challenges and limitations of generative AI and how Microsoft plans to address them.

You can read the full article here:

Silicon Valley Bank in Crisis: What It Means for Tech Startups

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the leading bank for tech startups, is facing a major issue due to the downturn in the tech sector. The bank's stock price plummeted by more than 40% on Thursday after it announced a $2.25 billion capital raise and a loan portfolio sale²⁵. Many of its clients are burning cash faster than expected and may not be able to repay their debts or raise more funds¹². Some venture capitalists advised their portfolio companies to withdraw their money from SVB, while others tried to reassure them that the bank is still solvent³⁴. SVB is reportedly in sale talks with several big banks, but the outcome is uncertain⁵. This news is a shock for the tech industry and a warning for any investors who are still bullish on tech stocks⁴⁶.

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Pregnancy and Motherhood Don’t Stop These Women from Running Marathons

Running a marathon is an impressive feat for anyone, but for some women, it's also a way to celebrate their pregnancy and motherhood. That's the case for Keira D'Amato, who set a new American marathon record for women on Sunday, just four months after giving birth to her second child⁵.

D'Amato, 37, finished the Chevron Houston Marathon in 2 hours, 19 minutes and 12 seconds, breaking the previous record of 2:19:36 set by Deena Kastor in 2006. She also qualified for the U.S. Olympic team trials for Paris 2024.

D'Amato is not the only woman who has run a marathon while pregnant or postpartum. In fact, there are several examples of women who have done so in recent years.

For instance, in October 2011, Amber Miller ran the Chicago Marathon when she was almost 39 weeks pregnant. She completed the race in 6 hours and 25 minutes and gave birth to her daughter just hours later².

In February 2020, three women participated in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials while pregnant or newly delivered. Stefanie Slekis finished the race four weeks after giving birth; Lauren Philbrook and Rachel Hyland ran until they were 33 and 27 weeks pregnant respectively¹.

In July 2021, Makenna Myler broke the Deseret News Half Marathon record with a time of 1:14:27 when she was nine months postpartum. She had previously gone viral for running a mile in 5:25 when she was nine months pregnant⁴.

These women are inspiring examples of how pregnancy and motherhood do not have to stop one from pursuing their athletic goals. However, running a marathon while pregnant or postpartum also comes with some risks and challenges.

According to experts, pregnant women who want to run a marathon should consult with their doctors first and listen to their bodies carefully. They should avoid training in extreme temperatures or high altitudes that could affect their blood pressure or oxygen levels³. They should also hydrate well and consume enough calories to support their baby's growth.

Postpartum women who want to run a marathon should also seek medical clearance before resuming their training. They should gradually increase their mileage and intensity as their body recovers from childbirth. They should also pay attention to their pelvic floor health and breastfeeding needs.

Running a marathon while pregnant or postpartum may not be for everyone, but for some women like Keira D'Amato, it's an amazing way to celebrate their strength and resilience as mothers and runners.

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AI generated summary of 60 minutes AI edition

In a 60 Minutes interview that aired on April 17, 2023, Google CEO Sundar Pichai warned that artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapid...