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Flying from Washington DC to India on Etihad Airways

Washington Dulles Airport DC (IAD) is a major hub for for flights to the Middle East and connecting to many asian countries including India. Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Emirates, all fly to Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. United flies to Dubai, Kuwait and Bahrain. Saudia has a flight to Jeddah but I am not sure if that route is used much..    In the past few years I have traveled to India via the Middle East and reviewed United and Emirates airlines. United 976 to Dubai  Getting ready for the longest flight of my life Washington DC to Dubai on United Washington DC to Dubai on Emirates Airlines This was the first time I flew on Etihad even though I have been a member of their Guest program for over a decade. Here is my experience. Booking the Ticket  This was a somber occasion and we needed to get tickets in a hurry. I used SkyScanner , Hipmunk to check flights and sent the best fare I found online to my travel agent Rommel Patel  whom I have been using for over