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Internet Trends 2013

Every year I wait eagerly for this Internet Trends report from KPCB’s Mary Meeker and Liang Wu . You can see the report here at the original website KPCB Internet Trends 2013 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers My quick 5 point takeaways : Watch China closely. They have figured free same day delivery in 25+ cities even using bicycles for the last mile delivery Photos and short videos still popular and growing Sharing, Crowd sourcing and reviews an important trend Wearable devices and cars that are more like computers in your future To beat the world Us needs more highly skilled immmigrants Always appreciate the free access that is given to the Internet Trends Report. What do you think are your takeaways

Washington DC to Frankfurt (IAD-FRA) on Lufthansa's Jumbo Jet Boeing 747

Lufthansa's Boeing 747-400 at the Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) This month (May 2013) I traveled to Warsaw, Poland to speak at the International Conference of Deans and Directors of MBA Universities. . To plan this trip I started off using Hipmunk  for my flight search and since I have Star Alliance Gold Status I wanted to fly a Star Alliance airline. Lufthansa was my final choice due to the connections in Frankfurt and probably even more because it flies a Boeing 747 from Washington DC to Frankfurt ( LH 419). of course if there were options for a Airbus 780 or Boeing 787 I would have preferred them. I am nostalgic about the Boeing 747 which I have always known as the "Jumbo Jet". My first ever international flight was from New Delhi to Frankfurt on Air India's " Maharaja" Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 in the late 80's. Lufthansa's Lounge at Washington Dulles (IAD) One of the perks of Star Alliance Gold status through my United Mileage Plus is

The Gift of Education: A Salute to People Pursuing Continuous Studies

Yesterday I rejoiced for a colleague at Bozzuto who was graduating from a continuous education course. While you go through life- school and then college you almost say to yourself "never again" and plan on not studying again. The world changes fast, knowledge and learning can get redundant soon, as my tell my students who attend my New Media Plaforms and Techniques Class at Georgetown University   that the world moves at such a fast pace that I will not be surprised if some of what they learnt in my 3 hour class may become redundant with a new release of a disruptive software.  I recently returned from speaking at the International Conference of Deans and Directors in Warsaw, Poland. people representing many Universities and institutions that  cater to professionals who want to pursue higher education were present at the conference. My take away is that if an opportunity to learn presents itself, whether it is an MBA or a course at the local community college y

Coming to our neighborhood Chris Brogan's ImpactNEXT Tuesday, May 21st, The McKinley Theater

I have had the honor of knowing Chris Brogan, CEO&President of Human Business Works for a few years.In many ways Chris Brogan pioneered the art of human connections through offline and online relationships. He co-Founded the Podcamp movement where I spoke for the first time in public in the US. I am excited that he is bringing his  ImpactNEXT conference to Washington DC  with 3 hour  sessions on these two important topics..  Mastering the Digital Channel and   Creating Content that matters There are several reasons to attend ImpactNEXT and one of them being the ability to learn by example. Chris Brogan has succeed in making an Impact. Chris Brogan's company Human Works helps companies develop a vision plan for growth  Chris Brogan has authored several books  ( rumor has it that both Chris and Julien decided that I was a good example of a Trust Agent when they met me at SOBcon ) and has been part of the online and digital community for a long time helping others gro