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Washington Business Journal Minority Business Leaders Award 2014

In its 7th year, the Washington Business Journal recognizes the Washington region's top 25 minority business owners and leaders in the Minority Business Leader Awards. I was honored to be list for 2012 and here is my story. 2014 Minority Business Leader Awards When:   Thursday, March 20, 2014, 6:30pm-9:30pm  Add to my calendar Register here Here are this years 2014 Minority Business Leaders Honorees Mario Acosta-Velez Verizon Brian E. Argrett  City First Bank of D.C. Andre Banks Forest City Washingto Alex Barron Walmart U.S. Kenneth J. Brewer Sr. H Street Community Development Corp Timothy Chi WeddingWire Inc. Kris Collo MicroPact Inc. Valarie  Dock Bolana Enterprises Inc Al Espinoza Innotion Enterprises Inc. Andres Gonzalez Finesa Real Estate Group Carl Hairston M&T Bank Randy Hayman District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (D.C. Wate Linnie Haynesworth

Who is the Microsoft CEO following on Twitter?

Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella promises to be more social. Soon after he took over as the CEO of Microsoft this week, his Twitter bio was immediately changed and he posted this updatre on Twitter" first commitment as CEO first commitment as CEO...i won't wait 4 years between tweets! — Satya Nadella (@satyanadella) February 5, 2014 According to the Twitter Counter blog Satya Nadella whose Twitter id is @SatyaNadella went from 1,500 to 80,000 in less than 48 hours!. He has 119k followers at the time of writing this post. Who is Satya Nadella following? What interests can we ascertain from the people Satya Nadella follows. We used a tool called Wordle ( pasting the profiles of the 29 people he is following and got this word cloud. Business, Technology, CEo, helping learn were the words that were top of mind for us on seeing this word cloud I created on Wordle . As a business person who do you follow on social media. What do you think your world cloud s

America should be proud of Satya Nadella becoming the CEO of Microsoft

Today (Feb 5th 2014) Satya Nadella started as the CEO of Microsoft. 46 years old,  Nadella was born in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. We share the same roots, I was born in the same state and have lived all over the world.  This is a triumph for America.  Satya Nadella made it by his inspiration and hard work. As long as he delivered no one cared about where he came from. I look at my own journey moving careers and then Soedning.almost 11 years in Network Solutions. I progressed  from Customer Service to Head of Social Media at Network Solutions and am now VP of Digital Marketing at Bozzuto  . Every day I meet many entrepreneurs, many of them migrants  and watch them succeed through hard work, innovation and the will to succeed. That is what it takes to succeed in the US, not how you look or where you came from. Congratulations! Satya Nadella.

Stay Positive. The World is Full of Good People : Photo Diary of the Emergency Landing of UA 3759

In brief : On Wednesday January 29th 2014 I was flying to Boston on United to attend an event at Bozzuto 's  brand new apartment community in Boston Atmark Apartments.I  take a lot of photos chronicling interesting places, events, food and most things that are interesting to me and my audience. In this instance the flight (UA 3759) had issues and had to make an emergency landing in Wilmington,  Delaware. Taking photos and sharing was natural. Here is my story in pictures (heads-up it's a long post) Washington Dulles Airport: January 29th 08.32 a.m. I take this picture for my son who like me likes planes as we are taxiing to the runway. 2. Washington Dulles Airport  08.40 a.m : Since it is very cold we stop for the plane to get DeIced :  3. Somewhere over Pennsylvania ( I am guessing) 9.26 a.m - There is a bang and the oxygen masks drop 4. 09.27 a.m - We don't grab the masks and I look around to see fellow passengers calm and composed and some