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Casa San Blas Btique hotel in Cusco Peru

Casa San Blas wall, originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda. The story of this hotel is that it was bought from a family of brothers and sisters who neglected to keep up the property. The story is that the parents of these kids died when they were young and so the family was in disarray. After the present owners bought the property, one of the sisters said that there was hidden treasure in the property. TRhe family had been looking for this hidden treasure and did not find it. The hotel owners were very surprised when the construction contractors tld them that they had a treasure of stones that were usable and did not need new stones, and that saved the hotel about 35000 Neuvo Soles ( about 10k dollars ) These stones were probably the hidden treasure.

The hotel is very friendly and efficient. >Thier breakfast could improve a little bit.

Live webcam of the street in front of the Hotel

Brent Leary and David Bullock : Duplicate Barack Obama campaign efforts for your own business

Brent Leary and David Bullock created a great site called that studied the Barack Obama compaign's use of Social media tools and how it can apply to Small Business. Recently in a telecon told me that they are going to compose the resources on the site into an eBook, and wanted to include quotes from people in the industry. here are some details :
What is Barack 2.0?  
We hope the lessons contained in this workbook will help you understand the impact a social media strategy can have on businesses of any size.  This is not about politics; it's about viewing Barack Obama's campaign use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites from a business perspective.  These lessons can be used by Democrats, Republicans and/or Independents alike.  It's about understanding how we can use technology to meaningfully connect with people to build long-lasting relationships, turning clicks into customers, and using content to convert strangers into collaborators…

Look what the Google Alert Fairy for Corporate Twitter brought me !

Google News Alert for: corporate twitterYour 'Tweet' on Twitter Could Be Trouble - San Francisco,CA,USA
Lawyers caution, however, that Twitter carries a number of legal risks. Users posting tweets fromcorporate networks could expose company secrets. ...
See all stories on this topicTechnosailorThe Dickensian 2008: A Look Back
Technosailor - Baltimore,MD,USA
Most notable of all Enterprise 2.0 companies was Yammer which is build as a standalone Twitter for Enterprise. Yammer won the top award at Techcrunch50. ...
See all stories on this topicEconomy influencing couples' decision on having babies
Chicago Tribune - United States
It's an angst-filled debate raging in bedrooms around the country and on Internet sites such as TwitterMoms. Can couples afford to start a family or have ...
See all stories on this topicTwitterGadget Lives With Gmail/iGoogle--Makes Twitter Better
Appscout - New York,NY,USA
Amazingly enough a few hours later I got an email back... a pe…

Honored to be on FIR Interview: Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami, Network Solutions

Thank you Shel for having me on the For Immediate Release podcast : Please go here to listen give both Shel and me feedback by commenting there.

The Luck of being born around 1955 Outliers – The story of Success By Malcolm Gladwell ( Book Review)

Malcolm Galdwell writes very well. His books Tipping Point, Blink really changed the way people think of making a difference in business. Outliers is about success, what contributes to the success of “Outliers”. Outliers are defined by Malcolm Gladwell as “outside everyday experience where the normal rules did not apply. Gladwell himself is a outlier. Jay Goldman writes on in his blog you probably don’t know about Malcolm:· Was once the Canadian record holder in 1500m run but is not the fastest Gladwell in his family· 10,000 hour rule: takes 10k hours to be expert at something. He’s an expert at playing Risk.· Was a student activist of an odd sort. Organized a march to prevent principal being transferred to another school.· Was in Reach for the Top. His aspiration was to be a pastry chef (though he doesn’t remember it)· First major assignment was for Ad Hominem, a high school n…

Brent Leary : Business Technology Radio

Brent Leary is a CRM guru and a speaker at leading Small Business conferences. I was honored to be on his Business Technology Radio talk show , he usually has several luminaries and celebrities on his show. I hope some of that rubs off onm me :)Listen here :

You can find Brent on these websites when he is not writing for Inc  or American Express

Brent's Social CRM Blog

CRM Essentials 
Twitter / BrentLeary
Online Small Business Radio Podcast: Technology For Business Sake

Know any good female role models?

Here is a message from Kathy Korman Frey  @chiefhotmomma In search of nominees: Female role models for our Hot Mommas Project case study competition. Contact me through Linked in, nomination link on, or
The Hot Mommas Project is an award-winning leadership initiative raising self-efficacy of women and girls through exposure to role models. We produce case studies showing the full range of factors influencing a woman’s success. We are housed at the George Washington University School of Business and are the recipient of a 2006 Coleman Foundation National Case Award. Learn more at and through this personal letter.
If you want to participate in the project and impact education: NOMINATE a role model (yourself included) by emailing the Hot Mommas Project TODAY.
Winners of the case study competition will have the chance to be published in a major Prentice Ha…

Beware of Mobile Lifters?

Beware of Mobile Lifters?, originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda. What do you think they are talking about ? Guess where this is and you can write a guest post for us on http://www.networksolutions' blog or here. :)

What are the best words to use when you want others to help you in an email?

I asked this question a few days bask to my Twitter/Facebook community and got these responses.i have several theories on what words work in emails and I was happy to get these responses from my friends.  Do you have other ideas on how communications should be carried on specially when seeking help. Does your language change when you write to friends vs to colleagues and acquaintances.Twitter@benaroberts @shashib please@cheeky_geeky @shashib desperate, pathetic, end-of-the-line, deathknell, running out of road, last legs, ashamed, bewildered, help@EndTheRoboCalls @shashib Action Requested Pleasegloriabell @shashib use words that assume they will help while asking kindly ex. "thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation"suecoppersmith @shashib please and thank you.. :)chrisabraham @shashib The best thing to do when you want help via email is not to pussy-foot around. Be straight forward. People love to helpDarinRMcClure @shashib best not to start with Dr Sirs, We are…

Not made in Detroit

Sri Lanka, originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda. This is a picture of a Autorickshaw from Southern Sri Lanka. if you are driving a car think of what you miss here :)

Digital Media Wire : List of top "25 Executives to Watch in Digital Entertainment”

See the list at Digital insider : . if you are too eager the list is here, and I still feel you should read the Digital Media Wire article to get more context.· Ali and Hadi Partovi, Founders, iLike · Amit Kapur, COO, MySpace · Brent Weinstein, CEO, 60 Frames · Chamath Palihapitiya, VP of Growth, Mobile & International, Facebook · Chris Di Cesare, Head of Marketing, YouTube · Craig Sherman, CEO, Gaia Online · David Verklin, CEO, Canoe Ventures · Dick Glover, CEO, Funny or Die Networks · Dina Kaplan, Co-Founder & COO, · Ian Rogers, CEO, Topspin · Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu · Jill Braff, SVP, Global Publishing, Glu Mobile · John Edwards, CEO, Move Networks · Julie Shumaker, SVP, Worldwide Sales, GM, Core Games Group, Double Fusion · Karin Gilford, SVP Fancast & Online Entertainment, Comcast Interactive · Kyra Reppen SVP & GM, Neopets, MTV Networks · Lynda Clarizio, President, AOL’s Platform-A· Matt Palmer, EVP & GM, Stardoll · Max Levchin, Fo…

Lending and Borrowing Books 2.0

A few months ago I wrote a post about "Netflix for books" - services that send you books as a membership model.  The Washington Post Sunday Edition has a collection of social networking sites where users can exchange books. This reminds me of my student days where book exchanging was more of a economic necessity.The Washington Post article lists these sites :- ,, , and You should read the article in the Washington Post Sunday Edition for more information.Technorati Tags: ,,,,

How tweet it is - Jennifer Conner in the Washington Biz Journal

Jennifer Conner wrote a great article for newbies on Twitter She quoted me in the article :- "At Herndon-based Network Solutions Inc., Social Media Swami (his title was picked by a staff vote) Shashi Bellamkonda (Twitter: Shashib) has become well-known for his swift ability to get answers to domain name and Web-hosting questions.Using Twitter, he is able to quickly defuse the anger of upset customers. Recently, one user vented a Tweet full of frustration at Network Solutions. A follower of that user replied that the person should talk to Shashib.Bellamkonda says the “listening post” of Twitter allowed him to solve a problem that otherwise would have just festered.Read the rest of the article here Thank you @jenconner

Dr Peter Whybrow at Pop!tech . Sleep for eight hours or else?

@ Yahoo! Video Its called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.  - George Carlin 2005 Does America have the perfect society in the world, listen to a neuro scientist talk about your brain. Dr Peter Whybrow wrote the book ""American Mania: When More Is Not Enough," Self interest will drive the interest of the whole economy. Humans  are hooked on curiosity. See this session by Dr Whybrow for reasons why you should stop and think about what you were doing : in 1975 Americans spent 8% of GNP on health and 15% on food. Today the figures are 15% on health and 8 % of food. In a fast new world competition is 24/7 and unremitting. See more Pop!tech videos at see more pictures here

@93Octane's Top 6 Twitter Tips

Lyell Petersen is a good friend. I met him on Twitter and met him FtoF when I went to Charlotte for the Network Solutions Small Business Networking event with Guy Kawasaki. he celebrated his 6000 tweet with some good tips on using twitter. Have Fun. If you think Twitter Is Serious Business take a step back and relax. If you're not having fun you're doing Twitter wrong. Go To A Tweetup. Get out of the zeroes and ones and make a real connection with people. Organize one impromptu. Live-tweet it. Help Ever Hurt Never. Make connections for others freely. Defend your opinion but respect those of others. You learn more this way. Remember Your Manners. "Please" and "Thank You" go a long way when you are asking someone to make you better than you are now.Share In Equal Measure As You Take. Twitter is so much better when you contribute something too. That's why I'm following you. Stop Posting Your Twitter Grade. Your real value to Twitter is reflected by you…

Rohit Bhargava makes the Network Solutions Swami tell his story

Rohit Bhargava is a well known author of "Personality Not included" and we have interviewed him for the Network Solutions Small Business Blog. At Blog World Expo Rohit Bhargava turned the tables on me and interviewed me as the Social Media Swami for Network Solutions for his Personality Project.I am in the honored company of interviewees:
Rohit BhargavaInfluential Marketing Blogger & SVP, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence
Dave BalterFounder & CEO - BzzAgent
Tony HsiehFounder & CEO -
Yvonne Lembi-DetertFounder & CEO - Personality Hotels
Premal ShahPresident -
Sharelle KlaussFounder - DRY Soda
Amit GuptaCEO & Founder - Photojojo
Larry SmithEditor & Founder - SMITH Magazine
John BellManaging Director & Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence
Andy SernovitzAuthor, Blogger & Co-Founder of WOMMA
Joshua OnyskoCEO & Founder, Pangea Organics
Jake McKeeChief Ant Wrangler, Ants Eye View & Former Global Community Relations Sp…

Chandler Burr : Perfume Critic at Pop!Tech 2008

@ Yahoo! Video See this interesting video and also learn that sandlewood is extinct in Mysore. The Pop!tech website describes the video as 'Chandler Burr is the New York Times' first-ever fragrance critic. His knowledge of the history, culture, emotion, economics, science and global geography of scent may be unrivaled. Come along with Chandler as he leads the Camden Opera House on an interactive, hyper-articulate and hilarious olfactory journey." See more videos at Technorati Tags: ,,

What is your energy footprint ? Dr Saul Griffith's

@ Yahoo! Video I hope you make plans to attend Pop!Tech 2009. It was amazing listening to people with a lot of knowledge. I listened to Dr Griffith describe the doomsday scenario about perosnal consumption. According to the Pop!tech web site "He audited his total power consumption and learned he burns three times as much energy as the average European, and eight times as much as the average Carribeaner." Making things last a long time is a good way to save the world. - says Dr. Saul Griffin. Did you know if you drink a energy drink you consume energy? You should see the video and also pass it on to all youngsters to see. Along with this you should check out this Wikipedia page of John Hansen Scientist at NASA See the Shashi Bellamkonda Flickr Feed on Dr Saul Griffith's talk.I also saw a nice powerpoint on energy from Rutgers University Tags: ,,

Everything (basic) you’d like to know about social bookmarking - By Ken Yeung

My friend Ken Wrote a very interesting post today. The timing was right and I was looking for this topic. Read it here Bookmarking is not about simple input of information. Attract bloggers or see which sites have been actively talking about a particular subject, then go search on sites like or Digg or StumbleUpon and see what results come up.

read moredigg story

Be a voice for Darfur : needs your help is seeking the help of real people to spread the word about Darfur.  What needs to happen in Darfur :Protection of civilians from violence, starvation and diseaseSustainable peace for all SudanJustice for victims and accountability for perpetratorsAdd Your VoiceSign the petition asking President-elect Obama to keep his promise of "unstinting resolve" to end the genocide in Darfur.Technorati Tags: ,,,,,

Shama Hyder Rebrands to Clicktoclient

I met Shama Hyder on Twitter and for the first time IRL at SXSW 2008. Her mantra is to help small business learn "how to leverage the internet to get more clients and grow their business! She is very smart and personable and the sincerity glows from her. On her blog she writes great posts including ThanksGiving recipes that you should read.She has now rebranded her company to ClicktoClient and here is her note to all her friends:Surprise! After The Launch is now Click To Client. This is the IDEAL case study in business evolution. For anyone who has ever struggled for perfection and found it in the process of just doing the best they can-this will resonate.Over a year ago, I launched After The Launch as a single business owner. It was called After The Launch because I wanted to reach those people who had just launched their business and needed help marketing online…after the launch. You’re getting the picture here! = )Flash forward to now- we are a FULL service online marketing fi…

Waiting for Kathleen Parker to Twitter - WSJ and Washington post Talk about Twitter

The debate goes on whether Twitter is mainstream or a collection of eclectic individuals who have banded and bonded together. My friend and fellow blogger at Network SolutionsJoe Loong wrote a post recently " Twitter: I was doing it wrong". At the risk of exposing my secret fetish for reading the print version of not one but 2 newspapers everyday - Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal i want to let you know that both thee papers had a Twitter article today.1) Kathleen Parker starts off with a Quote " "I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man's being unable to sit still in a room."-- Blaise Pascal"Top take aways from Kathleen Parker's post in the Post are: The Facebook generation has been sort of twittering for yearsSerious twitter subscribers expect more than a mood update, I'm told, and presumably won't stick around long for lessAlready, blogging is de rigueur for anyone seeking a wide audience or market share. Ne…

Where will we go to when twitter is down?

SixApart has acquired Pownce and will shut down Pownce and employ the Pownce team. yeah ! Human beings rule !  The Pownce team was great  and godo luck to them when they move to Six Apart and develop a killer app that you an use with your Vox blog :) and give Facebook some competition ( pure speculation on my part)Where to find the Pownce folks:leah Culver :, Mike at, and Ariel ( she rocks !) The Six Apart announcement can be found on their company blog.Twitter folks who answered my question 'Where will we go to when twitter is down?": webconsigliere: @shashib - back to AIM!sonnygill: @shashib We'll go outside and breathe some fresh air ;)mammaloves: @shashib I was lying in bed last night with insomnia wondering that same thing.jarehart @shashib Pownce! Oh...wait..bkmcae @shashib I've noticed twitter is hardly ever down anymore. Or maybe I'm not on it as much. Or maybe bothpaulswansen: @shashib Home?Pownc…

GreenLand votes for freedom in Freezing cold

Flickr Photo by StmlAfter 300 years Greenland will become independent from Denmark. A large number of voters turned up despite heavy snow and temperatures of minus 5 degrees Celsius (23 F). Its good news but Greenland has to find new sources of income to finally be independent of Denmark, Minerals and Ols maybe its path to total independence.Green land is the world's largest island 2,166,086 sq km with 81% ice capped. According to AFP reports " In a referendum on November 25, Greenland's voters overwhelmingly approved a proposal on self-rule. The new status will take effect in June 2009."Education is the key to ... our independence," says Jonathan Motzfeldt, the father of the semi-autonomy status Greenland obtained in 1979 and who headed the local government for 17 years".Flickr Photo by Nick RussillInteresting facts about Greenland:Capital: NuukPopulation : 56,000Size: 2,166,086 sq. Km 3 Times the size of Texas.Transport : no roads between towns, and trave…

The latest Economist vs Time who wins?

The latest Economist vs Time who wins?, originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda. I admire the Economist. It presents a world view that I have enjoyed during various stages of my life in India, Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine and here in the US.
I collected my mail today and saw a very stark difference in the cover of the Time and the Economist. I will give the Time the benefit of doubt that maybe they intended to change the cover but could not due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Black Friday : Good luck with your shopping

I am not planning to do much shopping but a friend of mine said that he was going for a hard Drive Deal at office Depot 650GB that is going cheaply. The other deal was probably best Buy 42 inch TV for $599 I think. Network Solutions is selling domain names at $9.99 for Black Friday only. More details on the Network Solutions Blog.Special coupon for our blog readers (for a limited time). Use the code OFFER00522 - at check out for 25% off all annual term Hosting and specific website/ hosting business packages at Network Solutions. Technorati Tags:

Mumbai War Zone : Great photo from Vinu

IMG_5767, originally uploaded by Vinu. Pictures speak louder than words. This is the picture that Blogger Vinu Ranganathan took from the operations around his house.

Helicopter Approaching Nariman Bldg

Helicopter Approaching Nariman Bldg, originally uploaded by ArunShanbhag. From Mumbai Blogger Arun Shabagh
Uploaded by ArunShanbhag on 27 Nov 08, 10.13PM EST.

Mumbai Bombay Terror: 24 hours Later

saw these on the same day, originally uploaded by Rex Chen.
Hindustan Times Photo Gallery : AP Story on Business impact: Curry King's Eyewitness Account: Residents of Bombay tweeting: Streams from people on the scene Flickr Stream with pictures warning this pic is traumatic of dead or injured
News:Small Child rescued from jewish Center in Mumbai Bombay :,2933,458345,00.htmlHow Social Media Reacted to Mumbai : New York Times :

Bombay Blast Pics : Blogger posts to Flickr

IMG_5451, originally uploaded by Vinu. One of the first pics appearing online from the Mumbai area are from this Indian Blogger and @vinu on Twitter. Many  other pics the phone lines are jammed then you can take this helpful info from @Gauravonomics great resources MumbaiHelp blog & is still secure , life will go on as you will see at dawn so my advice to anyone traveling is not to reconsider travel plans. The country is very resilient and Bombay is very strong. The terrorists are trying to harm the economy by spreading fear and causing cancellations I think. I was there in July ( My parents live there) Photo Courtesy : Indian ExpressI salute the Bombay Police who had 3 casualties : Hemant Karkare, the chief of the police anti-terrorist squad in the city, was killed during the attack.http://ashokkamte.blogspot.…

Meeting Imogen Heap at Pop!Tech and listening to the Pop!Tech Parrot

You can see by the number of blog posts on Pop!tech that the effect of Pop!tech is still with me. Imogen heap was awesome and she is so down to earth. She was nominated for the Grammy's and has a lot of hits ( I have to depend on my daughter for all my music knowledge)Check this video out from the Pop!Cast and don't cheat because watching it is important don't move the screen and just listen :) In the video she took a phrase from the audience and just composed a song on the fly and demoed her parrot . What an amazing talent - Imogen Heap  you rock and pop !
@ Yahoo! Video Here is my picture with a star on the closing day dinner Technorati Tags: ,,,

Network Solutions Black Friday Widget for all Black Friday Deals

I was happily drinking coffee in a San Francisco Starbucks and Talking to Geoff Livingston and Chris Carfi. Chris pulls out his Iphone and shows me a Cerado Widget. I have a "Aha " Moment and then we think of how to get feeds from Black Friday deals in one place whether on a website/blog or a phone. Thats how this website got created.

Read Network Solutions blog.
I am excited that Network Solutions is participating in the Black Friday frenzy and will be having a surprise sale. Definitely go to Network Solutions and check out the special prices for Black Friday . ( I will update this post when the deal is final). In the meantime I have a special coupon for our blog readers (for a limited time). Use the code OFFER00522 - at check out for 25% off all annual term Hosting and specific website/ hosting business packages.

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