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Small Businesses Expanding Use of Social Media, Report Says

Adoption of social media by small businesses has doubled over the past year, according to the Small Business Success Index, a study sponsored by Network Solutions and the University of Maryland School of Business. In 2009, approximately 25 percent of small businesses reported using social media, a jump from 12 percent the year before, the study says. Avery Fellow quoted the Network Solutions Small Business Success Index and a quote from me in a article in the DC Tech Source

Listen to "Twitter Talk And Small Business Success Index Results" Feb 23rd 1.30 EST

I will be on this show along with , Dr. Alan Glazier, join Anita Campbell for an in-depth discussion on the results of the Small Business Success Index. This special episode will be followed up with a TweetChat at 8:00PM EST including @ShashiB and @smallbiztrends using the hashtag #SBBuzz  @SBBuzz.

TWESTIVAL San Francisco 2010 - Support @krystyl

Blog World Expo 2008 , originally uploaded by ShashiBellamkonda . All my friends in San Francisco please support @krystyl in her team's efforts to raise money for a good cause using Twestivals Details here From the organizers: Twestival is a globally held event brought together by the twitter community to raise money for charity.In February 2009, over 200 + cities worldwide raised $250,000 for Charity Water during Twestival. Making it possible to drink approximately 17 wells in 3rd world countries. In September 2009, San Francisco chose as their charity to donate to, and raised $6,000 to help raise money for children with cleft lips in 3rd world countries. San Francisco's goal is to help bring awareness to ConcernWorldWide ( @concern ) on March 25, 2009. Helping educate children who are in need, helping educate teachers, and build schools where needed. Joining us for a special performance wil

Training dogs to be well behaved attendees #FredNMT

Training dogs to be well behaved attendees #FredNMT , originally uploaded by ShashiBellamkonda . Laurie Luck ( @smartdogu :) of brought one of her students Talos to the New Media Conference organized by Feb 2010 One of the great moments of the day was when Jon-Mikel Bailey was talking about mobile computing and Talos voiced his opinion and everyone had a good laugh.

The @netsolcares team

@netsolcares , originally uploaded by ShashiBellamkonda . I was reading this thought provoking article from @PaulDunay ‘Fire your Director of Social Media!” where two points stand out for me a) making the social media position the caretaker of social activity across the company and b) make social part of the very DNA of the firm? Successful companies have social media effectively by integrating them with their existing campaigns. Also spreading the activities across the organization. This is a photo of the @netsolcares team at one location. helping this team are others spanning the whole organization. Was a great experience visiting this team iN Hazleton PA

New Network Solutions study finds - 1 in 5 small businesses use social media

On Feb 19th I have the privilege of speaking to several small business members of the Frederick Chamber of Commerce   at the  r  New Media & Technology Conference  "How is new media & technology changing the way we do business?" . Network Solutions and the University of Maryland released the latest Small Business Success Index today which highlights the use of Social Media by Small Business.  Some highlights on the subject of Social Media :   Small business owners use social media to attract new customers: 75% surveyed have a company page on a social networking site 61% use social media for identifying and attracting new customers 57% have built a network through a site like LinkedIn 45% expect social media to be profitable in the next twelve months Small business owners still have concerns with social media: 50% of small business social media users say it takes more time than expected 17% express that social media gives people a chance

Small Business Success Index Finds Social Media Adoption by Small Business Doubles

SOCIAL MEDIA ADOPTION BY U.S. SMALL BUSINESSES DOUBLE S SINCE 2009 Small Business e s Mainly Use Social Media to Identify and Attract New Customers Herndon , VA – Feb 16 , 20 10 – American small businesses are pushing the limits on new wa ys to improve efficiency i n the prolonged downturn , including a steady increase in social media adoption. The third wave of the Small Business Success Index™ (SBSI) , sponsored by Network Solutions ®   and the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business , reports social media adoption by small business es has doubled from 12 % to 24 % in the last year. The SBSI found that nearly one out of five small business owners are actively using social media in their business . Small businesses are increasingly investing in social media applications including blog s , Facebook ® and LinkedIn ® profile s . Key social media usage highlight s include : ·                    75% surveyed ha ve a comp

Speaking at the 4th Annual IMA (Internet Merchants Association) Conference Las Vegas Mar 1 & 2 2010

  I am very thrilled to be invited to speak at The Internet Merchants Association's fourth annual conference. The conference begins March 02, 2008 and runs through March 03, 2010. This leading industry conference is presented in conjunction with the ASD/AMD variety Merchandise Show, the ASD/AMD Gift Expo and the ASD/AMD Jewelry Show. The trade shows begin on March 1 If you are a e-commerce seller specially from around the Las Vegas area I hope you are planning to attend. More details at Also read the IMA blog at Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sold or Not Sold ?

On sale for $7.99 , originally uploaded by ShashiBellamkonda .

Facebook feed from your friends may not be your choice

Hat tip to Connie Crosby PLEASE READ THIS ONE! "I just found this out. Facebook is blocking all of your friends' news feeds except the 250 they randomly choose. To Undo, From HOME page, select MOST RECENT then scroll to bottom of page, click "Edit Options" (bottom right side). Type 5000 instead of 250 for FB's maximum friend limit & your feed will work again."

My First Rodeo


Local Influencers – Washington DC metro area

Jessica Knows best :). She is compiling a directory on her blog of local influencers and this post is my entry. Washington DC / Maryland/Virginia  Rockville /Baltimore /Farifax /Reston /Herndon Blogs: |   Blog: Facebook: Linkedin: DC Examiner Column : Tech Cocktail Column: What I am reading: http://shashib.amplify.comm Twitter: @Shashib Favorite restaurants, attractions, and little known activities. Best place to park in DC over the weekend visiting museums is the Ronald Regal building which is very close to the National Mall. Indique Heights ( Chevy Chase), Chao Phra Ya ( Thai Herndon), Tara Thai ( Gaithersburg) ZIki ( Gaithersburg) My Ten favorite places to network in the DC area. A little about me: I love people and connecting