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Google tells you when to wake up and sleep

The title is not entirely accurate. What Google has introduced is a way for you to get the times of sunset and sunrise wherever you live. I am at the moment in Hazleton PA and my query told me that sunrise tomorrow (June 29th 2010 ) is at 5.34 a.m and that was 6 hours and 6 minutes away ( Time to sleep I think) I found this announcement on the Google forum and in course of my research also discovered that Google has a Facebook page with over 1.6 Million fans ( “Likers” ) This will be useful for people who rise with the sun and for those who practice the Google employee in the Google Web Search forum also said “Another fun one to try out is [sunset atqasuk alaska], where the next sunset won't be for 37 more days." When I tried that today the sun will not set their for another 31 days – cool !

DC PHP Developer's Community Meetup July 14th

My friend Keith Casey posted this meet-up for PHP Developers on July 14th Location :Fathom Creative :1333 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20005 RSVP at

my hero


Will your cell phone give you away? @khart in the Politico

The ACLU, along with two dozen tech companies, privacy advocates and civil rights groups, formed the Digital Due Process Coalition in March to put pressure on Congress to rewrite the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Read more: Amplify’d from Cell phone companies know where you are every time you make a call. GPS devices keep a record of the routes you take around town. Social networking services alert friends when you’re nearby. But there’s no clear standard for how law enforcement agencies should get access to these records that track consumers’ every move. The topic will be examined in a hearing Thursday as lawmakers begin the process of rewriting the laws that govern the sharing of electronic communications. Large Internet companies such as Google, Facebook and MySpace have teams that do nothing but respond to data requests from law enforcement. Smaller companies that rely on location-based…

Future Browser's - dashboard, OS, refrigerator stock checker?

This is an interesting article Jeff Bertolucci, PC World discussing the future of browsers. My take is that there is definitely a shift already with devices like the iPad where you click on apps more than opening the native Safari browser. How will your interaction with the web be in a few years. Do you develop a app or a web page? via web from shashib's posterous

Nielsen Company says the popularity of social media “is undeniable, Does Anyone Really Trust Facebook?

You are now part of the social networks. You connect with long lost buddies on Facebook. You reveal harmless facts. How does that affect you ? Interesting take. via web from shashib's posterous

June 23 Free Webinar on Girls and Power: Your Keys to the New Sisterhood of Success @chiefhotmomma

After hearing Kathy Korman Frey sepak today at the bootcamp i can say this webinar is worth your time. She spoke about challenges for women entrepreneurs and also the reasons why their skills and successes will work better when they harness them and focus on mentorship and creating support networks both online and offline via web from shashib's posterous

Okies take to Ipads with official blessing #OKState iBlame @billhandy

This is good news. The iPad is easy to use and I am glad that the Oklahoma State University is taking a very positive step with this pilot initiative. How are you using an iPad? or rather are you using computers in the classroom. via web from shashib's posterous

TECH Cocktail #dcweek Roundup Up @kikscore

Since the event ended late at night I guess @kikscore stayed up late to post this. It was a great event and met a lot of old friends and made some new friends. Hung out for a bit at @tbddc booth. Always great to run attend a techcocktail. More tech and less cocktail :) via web from shashib's posterous

One in four American adults say they have texted while driving,

This is the same figure as teens. This is serious and includes reading your messages. Put your phone in your dash and use the bluetooth if you are in the drivers seat. via web from shashib's posterous

@zappos CEO Tony Hsieh in INC Magazine - Why I sold Zappos

Hat tip to @rajmalikdc for the link. I have met and spoken to Tony a few times and always says somethingthat makes me take my ntebook and write it down. I have visited the Zappos office and the spirit of customer care and also light heartedness is amazing. See our interview with Tony taken at Blog World . via web from shashib's posterous

Reading Thursday's Column on Thursday :) Definitely check it out

Thursday Brahm is a good friend and I have known her probably about 3 years now and very happy to have her contribute to . You can also find her at We had a meeting a few weeks ago at the historic Savage Mill . Hope you will add her column to your RSS feed. via web from shashib's posterous

Order Five Guys and pay ahead from your computer using GoMobo

I am connected to Noah Glass and have been watching GoMobo for a few years. I am glad Five guys signed up with GoMobo. I hope to use one of these services for food soon . via web from shashib's posterous

Network Solutions hosts Tweet Chat about Blogging Effectively to Market Your Business

nefore participating check out this Ebook by Beth schillaci and Jessica Hibbard via web from shashib's posterous

Character Counter

Add your text  and it counts the characters. Useful when trying to make a message 140 or 160 characters.

Type in the box and click Calculate Characters :

This free script provided by

Webvisions 2010 recap from Lisa Holmes

Webvisions 2010 took place in Portland OR. I am surprised we did not see too many blog posts and i am glad Lisa posted this. Steve Fisher posted this recap on the Network Solutions blog via web from shashib's posterous

Web Hosting Services | Network Solutions

I clipped this page using the Amplify work around for mobile phones via web from shashib's posterous

#csm10 Corporate Social Media Conference 2010

New York City

Consumerization of technology has forced Microsoft to offer Office for free

On one hand you see more free applications for free. On the other you see reduction in unlimited services - example AT&T stopping its unlimited data service and Comcast controlling the upload speed. Technologists are waking up to the benefits of minimalism, . It will take some time for the marketplace to be clear about free. via web from shashib's posterous

Technologists are waking up to the benefits of minimalism,

Which one will you choose - simple, elegant high-tech products or -company with the most notorious case of new-featuritis Guess which companies are being talked about here. Comment here and let me know via web from shashib's posterous example where Facebook was not the best strategy

I think the best advice a small business can get to use social media is to see if they can use these tools as part of an integration to their marketing and not in isolation. What do you think after reading this article? via web from shashib's posterous

Montgomery County Fortunetellers can get paid to tell you your future

Thank god I did not charge for predicting the fortunes of people I know :) How do you become a "self-described gypsy" . Also " The court didn't vouch for the reliability of fortunetellers but said that they have the right to share insights they glean from tarot cards, tea leaves or the stars. Montgomery's effort to ban paid fortunetelling, the court ruled, violates the constitutional right to free speech." via web from shashib's posterous

Purchase a new Network Solutions product & you are automatically entered into the Small to Big Sweepstakes

Last day to pitch your idea for a new business, blog or website to win $50k & the ideal .CO web address

dancing your tweets away #dcweek


DC Digital Capital Week Kicks off with Opening party tonight : 4 hrs till tickets close

Australian Airbus Spots Lost US teenage around the world solo sailor Abby Sunderland in Indian Ocean

Whew ! I am glad rescue is on the way. Abby has been posting to her blog and you can see details of her and her voyage and spirit at According to news reports she will not be continuing her voyage and according to an expert in the BBC article this was a bad time for sailing in the Indian Ocean due to the weather. I am happy she is safe. via web from shashib's posterous

My friend Jason and his new Htc Evo 4G

now i envy him

Digital Capital Week (DCWEEK) June 11 to 20th

Two entrepreneurial companies Istrategylabs and Shinyheartventures joined together to co-produce the DC Digital Week from June 11th to 20th ( Seems coincidental with the FIFA World Soccer championship). Digital Capital Week (DCWEEK) is a 10 day festival in Washington DC focused on technology, innovation and all things digital in our nation’s capital.. The events taking place during the DC digital week cater to many topics and you can find the whole list of events at While this is not a list of endorsements or in any way reflects on events not included in this list. The events that is in our short list are. Please feel free to add your recommendations in the comments section on other vents you recommend.DC Digital Week opening party :Friday, June 11, 2010 from 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM (ET) Details : Festival - Soccer in the Circle June 11th : 7:30AM to 5:00PM $1 M …

physical personal encounters remain the primary way people stay informed about community issues : Pew Study

Some findings: 46% of Americans talked face-to-face with neighbors about community issues 21% discussed community issues over the telephone 11% read a blog dealing with community issues 9% exchanged emails with neighbors about community issues and 5% say they belong to a community email listserv 4% communicated with neighbors by text messaging on cell phones 4% joined a social network site group connected to community issues 2% followed neighbors using Twitter Read more at via web from shashib's posterous

Politics and Prose looking for new owners @washingtonpost

This is a iconic Washington DC landmark and I wonder if Steve Case, Ted Leonsis will be interested in preserving this landmark or maybe Andy Shallal of bus Boys and Poets. Salute to Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade for making this a community and a profitable business for 26 years via web from shashib's posterous

Shashi, what exactly does a Social Media Swami do? @eliz2shea

I met Elizabeth Shea of Speakerbox on a bus ( and I was on a bus because of Bob London ( ) and I had met Bob at a Social Times event by Nick O'Neil ages ago. See how all this comes together. I hope you like the interview Elizabeth Shea did of me and comment there to let her know so she can internview me again :) just kidding via web from shashib's posterous

Avatar Director James Cameron lends his ocean-technology and underwater expertise

I do not take Hollywood lightly, you become a film director of great caliber only by being passionate about your subject. Nice story from people magazine. Thanks James Cameron for stepping up. via web from shashib's posterous