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See You at Tech Cocktail on April 8th with author Ben Parr and Khorus’ Joel Trammell

I have been attending Techcocktail for probably as long as they have been held.  At the event yu will enjoy  meeting the #DCtech Startup community, entrepreneurs, VCs, Tech, marketing ninjas, journalists. The room has a lot of magic and I have made several serendipitous connections there. Event Details:  Day: Wednesday, April 8th Time: 6:00-8:30pm Location: 2231 Crystal Dr. Arlington, VA 22202 United States Register at : Hope to see you there.

Tech news Blog GigaOm Announces a Shutdown

Just walked out of Gigaom for the last time. Thank you everyone. I will miss you all for rest of my life! — Om Malik (@om) March 10, 2015 A few minutes I saw this tweet. I have been reading GigaOm for a long time and have watched the success of GigaOm, so this came as a shock. In his post on his personal blog : Business, much like life, is not a movie and not everyone gets to have a story book ending.  There will be time for postmortems, but not today. Today, I want to thank all the people who make (and have helped make) Gigaom. Their role in this journey was what really made it all worth it. They are great people and they will all do great work wherever they go. I want to thank our investors who believed in the business long before it became fashionable. And most importantly, I want to thank you dear readers for coming along on this trip of a lifetime.    See the post on GigaOM 

#3C15 CapitolCom - Convergence in Communications Conference, This Friday March 6th at Arlington's Artisphere

On March 6, 2015, DC's local news source for PR, Social Media and Communication professionals,  Capitol Communicator  is organizing a second full-day  Convergence in Communications Conference  for Media, PR and Communications professionals Where:   Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209 When:  Friday, March 6, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST) Registration  : Convergence in Communications Conference 2015 A special offer for my readers and friends. Use the promotional code FRIEND to get a 20% discount. Conference Details  :  Agenda  |  Speakers The keynote is Frank Eliason, Global Director of Social Media for Citi.  A list of someof the speakers who I know very well Geoff Livingston , Founder, Tenacity5 Media Shonali Burke , President & CEO, Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Speaking about -Measuring Your Online Success Adele Cehrs  Owner of Epic | A Brand Voice Agency will be speaking on the topic “Get Real Time or Get Lost” Rob Terry  - Managin

LinkedIn Personal Branding Strategy Checklist

Human beings are so individualistic that no two human beings have the same behavior and attributes.The best personal brand that we project today is with family, friends, co-workers or community we live in. In the hyper-connected age that we live in the internet and the real time nature of information flow makes it very imperative for us to make sure that there is alignment in the perception and reality of our brand . Read my post on LinkedIn Pulse on best practices on LinkedIn for making and nurturing connections.