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Which city had the highest searches for Cyber Monday ?

This is a Google trends snapshot on Nov 30th 2009 at 4.50 p.m. Look at the cities and see if there is any logic behind the pattern? What are your theories?
Did the French really search for Cyber Monday? See the regions graph above.

Will people travel more this Holiday season ?

The retail and travel industries are crossing their fingers for a prosperous holiday season. CNBC interview with Stephen Hoch, of Wharton, and Steve Kaufer, of Trip Advisor, share their insight.

I love tripadvisor and have used it several times to plan trips and found agencies in the local places to save money. Some examples- Car Service in London and Punta Cana. Travel agency in Peru Kuoda Tours.

Black Friday Average shopper spent $343.31

Ylan Mui of the Washington Post wrote a great article that will come in tomorrow’s paper about Black Friday 2009.The National Retail Federation released their Black Friday Verdict.Top takeaways:More people joined in the post-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza this year, but they spent less money and hunted down bargains195 million people visited shopping malls and online retailers Thursday through Sunday, up from 172 million consumers last yeardepartment stores ranked as the top Black Friday shopping destination, with 49 percent of shoppers visiting at least one. Discounters, which have typically claimed the No. 1 spot, fell to second place with 43.2 percent of shoppers, according to the NRF survey.Comscore on the other hand headlined their release withBlack Friday Boasts $595 Million in U.S. Online Holiday Spending, Up 11 Percent Versus Year AgoTop Takeaways:Over the years, the online channel has become an increasingly influential driver in offline shopping behavior. Before making purchas…

New Pew Report talks about Teens as Digital Natives

The Pew Internet & American Life Project, Pew Research always has very interesting studies and I wanted to share this with you. The slide presentation is below delivered by Lee Rainie Director Pew Internet project and heare are some findings that I found very interesting.97 % of teens play video or computer games75% of teens have a cellphone but only 60% have a desktop or a laptop14% of teens have blogs and post regularly while 54% read blogs93% of teens are online and of these 73% use social networking sites40% to 50% Tag content ( I wonder what the ratio is for adults )50% to 60% post photos online8% use TwitterTeens In The Digital AgeView more presentations from Pew Internet & American Life Project, Pew Research Center.

Tony Hsieh CEO Zappos inspiring companies to deliver happiness more than products

Notes from the presentation at Pubcon

Zappos Keynote at PubCon – Tony Hsieh CEO Zappos
• Zappos wants to own the three C’s: clothing, customer service, culture.
• Zappos labels their products “happiness in a box”. Delivering that experience through both digital channels and a tangible product.
• Zappos has grown gross merchandise sales from $1.6M in 2000 to over $1 billion in 2008 by focusing relentlessly on customer service – a potent digital marketing tool
• #1 driver of Zappos’ growth is from repeat customers and word of mouth. Put a focus into the customer experience, create something that is worth talking about. Let customers do the marketing for you through digital (and physical) channels.

• Customer service: What customers see first on the Zappos website:
o 24/7 1-800 number on every page
o Free shipping
o Free return shipping
o 365-day return policy
• What customers experience:
o Fast, accurate fulfillment
o Most customers are “surprise”-upgraded to overnight shipping (create…

A DM is better than calling me ? Communication tools that help you stay connected

A DM is a direct message on Twitter. To send a DM you type d followed by a space and the Twitterid of the person example : d shashib stop stealing the doughnuts :)Have you ever experienced the panic that hits you when you look at your phone and there is no signal. You are now disconnected from the world and all alone by yourself. For some strange reason this happens to me specially in hotels.Don’t panic help is on the way. You will still be able to communicate with me :a) If there is wi-fi you can be sure I am connected ( specially if wi-fi is free)b) If there is wi-fi I probably have Skype on so you can call me “shashibonskype”c) I check Twitter and so I can get your tweets and DMsNow if you have wi-fi you can pretty much reach me by email too but then its sounds like so yesterday :)On a recent trip to Poptech Michelle Riggin of Batch Blue gave me a tip to use web video conferencing to keep in touch with the kids who are thrilled to see parents even if on a computer screen. I need to…

INNOVATION: The Key to Pro$perity :Thursday, November 19 6-7:30 p.m: Johns Hopkins Rockville

INNOVATION: The Key to Pro$perity
Technology & America's Role in the 21st Century Global EconomyA Book Signing and Evening Talk with Aris Melissaratos
Senior Advisor to the President for Enterprise Development
Johns Hopkins UniversityWHEN:
Thursday, November 19
6-7:30 p.m.
Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus
9605 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MDRSVP to:
Barbara Crews, or 301-294-7004

Social Networking: the Two Dirtiest Words in Gov 2.0 (a Sweets and Tweets event) by @debbieweil November 17, 2009

1052 Thomas Jefferson St. NW
Washington, 20007Tuesday, November 17, 2009 from 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM (ET)Register here the EventThe point of social networking on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is not about being social or frivolous or wasting time. Social networking is also about more than collaboration, a new "in" term in government-speak. Social networking can improve the process of government, according to Mark (aka @cheeky_geeky) who writes for O'Reilly Radar,Federal Computer Week, Mashable and many other publications.Our sponsor is Neighborhood America, an enterprise software company that has been doing cool things in the Gov 2.0 space before it was Gov 2.0. Neighborhood America develops enterprise social media solutions for public sector, non-profit and Fortune 1000 clients. Their software powers the content-rich AmEx OpenForum, one of my favorite small biz sites. Neighborhood America's CIO Jim…

Breaking News :Magic at a pubcon conference panel #magic Really!

#pubcon magic at this panel really magic by, originally uploaded by ShashiBellamkonda.
As I am blogging this David kelin is doing a magic trick with Mystic Joe of beside him. I attend a lot of conferences but this is a first and I have never seen this before.

Book signing by @greenhance - Greening Your Small Business Saturday, November 14, 1 p.m. at politics & prose DC

Book Signing by Jennifer Kaplan - Greening Your Small BusinessSaturday, November 14, 1 p.m.
Jennifer Kaplan  Greening Your Small Business(Prentice Hall, $19.95)

For companies too small to hire a consultant to implement green policies and practices, this is an affordable, comprehensive guide. Designed to address every aspect of going green, the manual assists in basics such as recycling, reducing waste, energy efficiency, and reducing the IT footprint, as well as considering wider concerns such as green marketing and communications, green business travel, and green employee benefits.Location: Politics and Prose
5015 Connecticut Ave. NWWashington, D.C. 20008Jennifer Kaplan is a well-respected voice in the green space. She is a founder of Greenhance LLC and Adjunct Faculty of Marketing at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.

#Pubcon Waiting for the keynote to begin Day 1

Hear recording of my interview on KFNX 1100 :Marketing with Social Media 11-08-09

Subscribe FreeAdd to my PageIt was great to be on the IMI Tech Talk show with Tom D`Auria and I have to thank my friend Gabe Goldberg who heard me speak at the CPCUG EIG meet at Clevland park and recommended me to Tom.I got a chance on the show to show the immediate effects of Social media when I asked the question on Twitter for examples of Small Business using social media. Examples that we received  are : United Linen, BlueSmoke Salsa , @Sprouter , @FreshBooks , @Ben_Kwan; his family's restaurant, @AmazingChinese,The Show website is

Listen to me today on TechTalk on KFNX 1100 @ 5 pm EST | 3pm MST/PDT Nov 8th 2009

Every Sunday Tom D’Auria, discusses tech topics to help you run your business and your life. Today  I excited to be a guest on this show today. You can listen live if you live in the Greater Phoenix area on 1100 KFNX AM or online at  If you can't listen to the live show you will find the show as a podcast archive on the IMI Tech Talk website AIRQuestions for Tom or Guest
+1 602.277.KFNX
+1 602.277.5369
TechTalk[AT] Follow the show on Twitter : @imitechtalk and head over to the show's Blog for details of past shows.Folks behind the show :Production Staff Members ( - Tom D'Auria IMI President - Terry Ruggiero Executive Editor & Executive Producer - Matt Campagni Producer & Senior Editor - Eric Johnson Foreign Bureau Chief - David Brandin Technology Bureau Chief - Jose …

Interesting Nov Events from the CPCUG Calendar for DC MD VA Folks

[Wed., Nov. 18] 7:30 pm, Digital Video SIG, free
"We Remember Grundy"
Speaker: Russell Belcher, Arc Lamp Productions
Bethesda Chevy Chase Services Center
4805 Edgemoor Lane, 2nd floor, Room A
(southwest corner of Old Georgetown Road and Edgemoor Lane)
Bethesda, MD
Parking: Garage in building (small fee)
Metrorail: Bethesda Station, Red Line, 1 block away
Saturday, November 21
    * RSVP requested--send e-mail to *
1:00 pm, Entrepreneurs and Consultants SIG, free
An Overview of Free Open Source Software
Speaker: Tom Gutnick, Sunny Banana,
President and Chief Dragon Slayer
Cleveland Park Library
3310 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 1st Floor Large Meeting Room,
Washington, DC
(west side of Connecticut Avenue between Macomb …

Tweetup Rockville Nov 9th at 6.30 p.m

Mike Neumann @mikeneumann and Lindsey Mastis @LindseyMastis are organizing a tweet up in Rockville. Mike is visiting from Austin and I had a chance to meet him at the #GrowSmartBiz meetup at Indique Heights on 29th October.Where?
Gordon Biersch
200 East Middle Lane, Unit A
Rockville, MDWhen?
Nov 9, 2009

7pm - 10pmPlease RSVP here

Deadline for Chesapeake TechBridge Program and Showcases Nov6th

The Chesapeake Innovation Center, CIC, is currently conducting an active search for one of our Agency and Prime Contractor Partners.  A select group of companies will get a unique opportunity to provide an in-depth company overview presentation and demo  of their product and solutions to key senior staff at one of the Agencies and Major Primes (Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, ARINC, Alion, and others)  at the CIC TechBridge Showcase.  Slots are limited for the presenting companies.  Please urge your companies to apply today!We are seeking to identify companies with developed and real technologies that are considered to be newest and/or  greatest that are revolutionary – faster, lighter, cheaper, less bandwidth, etc…  (please refer below for a list of targeted technology areas).  We are looking for companies that have clear AND significant advantage over their competitors.  TechBridge Program and Showcases:GET nOTICEDgROW fASTERTarget Technology Areas· Secure wireless multim…

Listen in to the Word On the Tweet tonight Nov 1st

Word On The Tweet a weekly podcast for everything about Twitter. The show is hosted by @jeffparsons and @CostaVidaFred  and today I am one of the guests on the show too at 08.30 p.m EST. URL for the live show and chat is Hope you will join us.

Google Maps kicking GPS manfacturers on their shins @robpegoraro

Key message :That is not to say that Google is some reincarnation of the dot-com-era Microsoft. It has yet to engage in such hubristic excesses as co-founding a TV news network, and it hasn't trampled over the antitrust laws. Google avoids locking in users with proprietary data formats or protocols; last month, it set up a site ( to document and promote ways for users to take their data out of (and into) Google services.

Read the rest of the article and see how Google is a major presence in probably your livesin reference to: (view on Google Sidewiki)