Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bill Marriott on the Move

I just read Bill Marriott's Blog at http://www.blogs.marriott.com. He says that he cares enough to get the Marriott's customers the best technology in the rooms and prefers to hire the best technological talent to achieve that . Probably as the old adage says "Hire the best talent and keep out of their way?".

In my opinion Bill Marriott's entry into the Blogosphere is a clear signal that Corporate America is taking notice of the exploding new media. Look at the comments on his Blog - ranging from compliments on the rewards program to asking for a courtesy rejection letter from HR.
There is one comment on internet not being free at expensive hotels. All this is good for Marriott to hear and cuts down several channels. The Blog achieves Bill Marriott's goal "talk to your customers directly -- and hear back from them"

For my part I' m eager to hear more from Bill Marriott and can't wait for the astro-turf story he has promised.

Bill also says that he is going to do more podcasting than blogging. Will this give rise to increased sales of mp3 players ? ... Just joking

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