Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cell Phone Confusion

I am sure choosing a cellphone is usually a frustrating experience. I recently shopped for a cellphone and after 2 weeks of research chose the T-Mobile Dash. Its small and handy and on my next trip to New York I am leaving my laptop behind.

The dash with the data plan gives me access to internet and I can find the information i need. Some of the times I wished I had a smartphone have been - a desperate need to compare the online prices of a car seat. Trying to find the restaurant in rockville that I had forgotten the name.

In the past one year I have made a lot of progess technologically having entered the GPS, bluetooth dialling from the car and now I am a smartphone owner
My company uses OWA( outlook web access) and the T-Mobile Dash easily syncs with the outlook so I can receive my work email and sync my calendar easily.

Here are some sites that have helped me in my choice ,, Dash Wiki.

In the short time I have installed some free mods and software and now I can convert Fareheit to Centigrade or calcualte how much I make in Euros etc. All for the fun of it. There is a Google Maps application for smartphones and much more.

I highyl recommend the t-mobile dash

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