Tuesday, March 03, 2015

#3C15 CapitolCom - Convergence in Communications Conference, This Friday March 6th at Arlington's Artisphere

On March 6, 2015, DC's local news source for PR, Social Media and Communication professionals, Capitol Communicator is organizing a second full-day Convergence in Communications Conference for Media, PR and Communications professionals

Where:  Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209

Friday, March 6, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)

Convergence in Communications Conference 2015
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Conference Details
 : Agenda | Speakers
  • The keynote is Frank Eliason, Global Director of Social Media for Citi. 
  • A list of someof the speakers who I know very well
    • Geoff Livingston, Founder, Tenacity5 Media
    • Shonali Burke, President & CEO, Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Speaking about -Measuring Your Online Success
    • Adele Cehrs Owner of Epic | A Brand Voice Agency will be speaking on the topic “Get Real Time or Get Lost”
    • Rob Terry - Managing Editor, Washington Business Journal
    • Jennifer Nycz-Conner, Assistant Managing Editor/Video, Washington Business Journal
    • Cary Hatch, CEO, MDB Communications
    • Jason Jue, CMO and Cofounder, Triblio
    • Rebecca Davis, Executive Vice President, Social/Digital,Ogilvy
    • Shana Glenzer, VP of Social Marketing, SocialRadar

Hope to see you there.

Monday, March 02, 2015

LinkedIn Personal Branding Strategy Checklist

Human beings are so individualistic that no two human beings have the same behavior and attributes.The best personal brand that we project today is with family, friends, co-workers or community we live in.
In the hyper-connected age that we live in the internet and the real time nature of information flow makes it very imperative for us to make sure that there is alignment in the perception and reality of our brand .

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Small Business Marketing Lessons From Everyday Experiences

My posts on SmallBizTrends.com Marketing Lessons From Everyday Experiences
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

When Millennials Take Over - Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant

When Millennials Take Over - Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant
Being a parent of a millenial, this book ( I received a pre-publication review copy) was a book I was craving to read. No, I did not go with my kid to job interviews , as you will read a few millenials did in this book.

Many articles have been written about millennials and their expectation of  "continuous positive feedback, immediate promotions, and unreasonable amounts of authority" Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant draw attention to the fact  -
"Every 20 years or so, a new generation enters the workforce, and the rest of us, quite frankly, freak out about it."

In the book the authors draw attention to the fact that the way we are doing business is changing. There is a an entire generation that grew up taking the internet for granted and the social communication as a right.

The three trends that the authors highlight in the book  :

  • • The decline of traditional management
  • • The social internet revolution
  • • The Millennial generation entering the workforce.

The change in the workforce is not too far away. The authors say, "In 2020 Millennials will be the largest segment of the workforce, just as they are ascending into management positions."

I am in a digital marketing role and we attract a lot ofmillennials as they  are comfortable in a digital world. They love places where change  is continuous and they can continue to learn. There is nothing stable about a working environment that is stable for millennials.
Before I give away the whole book. If you are in a work place where you are likely to employ, work with or train millennials - that means probably any business that exists now , read the book.
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Abu Dhabi Pre-Clearance for US Immigration and Customs Experience

Hope this is helpful to all who transit through Abu Dhabi to the United States. I flew EY 275 to Abu Dhabi yesterday from Hyderabad India. Our flight was delayed by 30 minutes from Hyderabad and due to Fog over abu Dhabi we circled the Abu Dhabi Airport for over an hour and landed. Once we landed we were taken by bus to Termnal 3. We originally had 4.5 hours to transit and due to the weather and circling this was reduced to 3,5 hours. Our niece who traveled with us was going to New York and her transit was reduced to 2.5 hours from 3,5 hours. My recommendations is that you need at least 2 hours to transit.
Between the wait for the bus and walk to Terminal 3 it will take at least an hour. If you have more than 3 hours I would recommend stopping at a food court to eat before you go to the gates 59-61 where US preclearence is done. At the US preclearence gates there is only a small coffee shop.
Due to the weather delays on the day we landed in Abu Dhabi they were rushing passengers to Chicago and New York and told us passengers toWashington DC to say in a holding gate to prevent the Pre Clearance area from being too crowded.
To enter the pre clearance area you will have to show your travel documents at least twice and then enter a security zone. This security cone is manned by UAE personnel and even though it sounds like it, their intention is not be rude but try to hurry you. HEre you have to remove shoes, belts etc like at any US airport and additionally also take out electronics like iPad, cameras etc. It was quick and there were several people controlling the lines.
Once you are through security you enter the US Immigration line. This is just like the Immigration counter at any US airport. Depending on the time and the lines, they may send you to a self serve Automatic Passport control if you have a U.S. and Canadian passport and international visitors from Visa Waiver Program countries.
The APC lets you answer questions instead of a paper custom form and takes your picture and gives you receipts for all family members. . Once you are done a self serve immigration officer looks at your receipts and boarding cards and then shoes you your luggage photographs. If your luggage does not arrive you will be asked to wait till they transfer the luggage.
After this you go back to the gate and wait. Boarding process is orderly and when you arrive in the US you do not have to claim baggage if you are traveling to the another destination. in Washington we went through the gates like a domestic flight.
You hear rumblings about the Pre-Clearance at bu Dhabi but the biggest advantage is that all passengers traveling to the US have a convenient way to go through US Customs and Immigration and not have to lug their luggage at their post of entry into the US.
I think there is a disadvantage for First and Business class passengers which I hope Etihad will fix. Economy passengers should rejoice at flying Eithad to the US.