Sunday, October 23, 2011

#cibc11 Creativity in Business Conference October 23, 2011

#cibc11 Creativity in Business Conference  Photos
 I attended this conference as a panelist on the Social Media Panel at the invitation of the conference organizer Michelle James CEO/Chief Emergence Officer
The Social Media Panel was moderated by Jen Consalvo, COO & Co-Editor of Tech Cocktail and co-founder of Thankfulfor

My fellow panelists:
Maxine Teller : MixTMedia and my fellow Washingtonian Tech Titans
Peter Lamotte - President of GeniusRocket Jesse Thomas CEO and Co-Founder of Jess3

The audience participated in a big way and the session was largely an exchange of ideas and stories of creativity along with some tips on starting and engaging using social media tools for creative entrepreneurs. Jen Consalvo did an awesome job moderating the panel. Along with the audience I learnt a lot from my fellow panelists as well.
I was very happy to see Annalie Killian who flew in for the conference from Beijing ( She lives in Australia). Her advice over lunch was very striking when she said too much connectivity can kill creativity. When you consume too much you are not making time for yourself to reflect on what you are learning. She knows and her story of she organizes a creativity festival in Sydney where all company employees attend called Amp. Follow @amplifyFest to get more details  Storify curation of tweets from the Social Media Panel at #cibc11 Creativity in Business Conference October 23, 2011.

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