Thursday, September 15, 2005

Digital Dentistry

Visits to the dentist usually conjure images of pain and suffering for me. I just returned from a visit to the dentist and the experience was amazing.

The office of Dr.Shobha Daney is almost paperless.The registration form was prefilled with all the details the assistant had got from me on the phone the previous day. I had to sign a electronic singature pad and complete the digital "paperwork". Dr. Daney has a practice in Rockville, MD. (

I was a new patient so Dr.Daney had to X Ray the teeth. She explained that they use a technology called "Digital Radiography" that shows the doctor the X_Ray on a screen and she can see it immediately and is recorded digitally.The next part of the examination consisted of taking photographs using a "Intra Oral Camera". After taking several pictures she showed them to me on a LCD TV monitor placed in front of the Patient's chair and explained each tooth and its state to me.

In the teeth that have cavities she used a laser to judge how deep the cavities were. This helps her to judge the treatment. I was amazed at the gadgetry and was happy that I knew so much more about my own teeth. These gadgets also made the treatment interesting and less painful and I think I will be able to muster enough courage to revisit.

I left the dental office with my teeth cleaned and enough knowledge of how to take care of my teeth.

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