Saturday, August 19, 2006

Choosing a laptop

Just got a new laptop. Its my 3rd laptop in the past 5 years and one would think its eacy to decide on which laptop to buy.

Price is always a consideration. The first question is - PC or a Mac ? From what I have heard a Mac notebook is so full of features and sturdy that it could last you a few years. The PC world is competitive with the race between Intel and AMD and new processors come out every few months making your new notebook outdated.

My laptop : HP dv5127cl
RAM : 2GB ( The amount of memory for processing your tasks)
Hard drive : 120 GB ( with digital cameras being more popular this is probably about 2000 hours of music, about 30 to 35 thousand photos so its probably all that I will need for a few years.
processor: Intel Centrino Duo 1.83 ghz ( its going be outdated next month as Intel introoduces Core Duo 2)

The cool features that this laptop has : a remote that fits into the laptop. It came with stereo headphones.

I have a HP computer and it has performed well so I am confident the laptop will be great

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