Monday, April 23, 2007

Network Solutions® Improves its ImageCafé Easy Website Building Tool

In full disclosure I work for this company - Network Solutions and I am proud of this product ImageCafé Easy Website Building Tool . Its the most amazing ,easy to use application for business owners and other non technical consumers who want to build a web site without knowing anything about HTML or other web technologies.

When my son Anshul was born in 2005 I had his ImageCafe website up and running with his new born pictures, a Guestbook and a poll within 2 hours of his birth.All my friends and relatives were thrilled to see his website so soon. The flexibility to customize the colors, image themes and other elements of the website is simply amazing.

Network Solutions offers a 30-day free trial of Image Café. For more information about this free trial, please visit the free Image Café Test Drive. To learn more about ImageCafé Web Site Creator and how to build a good web site, please visit


Erika said...

Hi! Sorry for trying to contact you through the comments section of your blog but I have an article that might interest you. Please, contact me in e.erika.brown (at)

Shashi B said...

Thanks ! Erika.

I will send you an email. plese let me know if you are interested in learning more about ImageCafe Web Site Editor.



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