Monday, August 27, 2007

Indian language Radio available on MSN for US

MSN has teamed up with WorldSpace to offer Indian language Radio stations online. They are offering the indian language Radio Stations for free for 24 hours.

I am not sure how I landed on this page but I was pleasantly surprised to AR Rahman, Chiranjeevi staring back from me from this website. I had seen billboards in Hyderabad for WorldSpace even though I did not meet anyone who actually owned one. They are the XM/Sirius equivalent in Asia and Africa. In fact WorldSpace was one of the founding companies of XM. To subscribe you have to pay $9.99. The signup page was not working when I tried it.

If you want to buy a radio for US servicemen In IRAQ Worldspace sells their radios at SkyBox. The World space channel list is here. it would also make a nice gift to people back home or even for expats going on assignment to Asia, Europe or Africa.

I always knew that if anyone offered Indian radio for cars I would definitely subscribe. In India today there are so many radio stations. I enjoyed the banter very often in English and moving easily in between to different languages.

I am waiting for the XM/Sirius merger which will allow Worldspace to enter the US market. ONce this happens I am sure i will not mind the traffic crawing on the beltway.

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That's good news!

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