Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Mobile Web Site Builder Gives the Mobile Web a New Life

I am really excited that Network Solutions has launched a new product called BuildMyMobi a mobile website creator. It is a easy way for anyone to build a website for a mobile phone themselves and costs just $20 a year. People save money by using the mobile site builder as the alternative is to hire a web designer who has to specialize in the mobile web.

Businesses can build a mobile website and put their information on a BuildMyMobi website to help customers who look for them on cell phones.

More and more people are looking for businesses online or a business's mobile web site. A internet enabled phone is carried everywhere and as phone carrier speeds increase the internet experience on phones is getting better. BuildMyMobi - Wap website creator / Mobile website creator will help searchers looking for more content on mobile devices.

Mobile web sites have a lot of uses - Taxi services, Limo rentals, school websites can publish schedules, Restaurants put their menu, retailers publish coupon codes or sale details.

When a contractor came to my house and I asked him a question about previous works he proudly took out his phone and showed me a few pictures. I am sure he could post these on a mobile website and show them to clients.

Since I got a internet enabled phone I find it very convenient to look at websites designed for mobile phones.
a) Look up the Indian restaurant website from the metro to order a carryout and look at their menu.

b) Look up restaurants, taxi companies and CPAs web sites after first doing a Google Search.

c) Desperately look up a address in Hyderabad India for a shop address and get the phone number.

d) Check Fed Ex tracking.

Its funny—I just recently returned from a trip to India to visit friends and family, and after that trip can really believe something that I read recentlyin a Gartner Report that there are over 2.3 Billion mobile phone users (1/3 of the world’s population) Worldwide. In India it really seems that people skipped the PC revolution, and went straight to the mobile Internet—I can only imagine what the landscape for mobile technology will be just a year from now!

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