Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Network Down delaying passengers at Los Angeles airport

This incident is a reminder, how dependent we are on computers. I cringe to think of what the passengers went through after maybe 8 to 13 hours of flight time. On the way back from a recent trip to India we transited through London on a day when the airport was recovering from a severe storm on July 20th. We waited for a hour on the tarmac till the flight got a gate. Even that one hour was long enough, my normally quiet son was hungry and we didn't carry enough baby food due to the "liquids not allowed" bru hah and luckily the crew decided to open the galley again to give us some baby food. Emirates Airlines rocks. !

I read news reports that it took 3 hours for the the network providers staff to come to troubleshoot. I am appalled at that. A network outage is an emergency and the response should have been faster. I hope there are some lessons learned here and they start having onsite support technicians.

I am sorry for all the people who were stranded that day, but this is a very isolated incident and could have happened anywhere. America is definitely more welcoming than that.

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