Monday, September 10, 2007

MTV India On Direct TV again

Its funny that DirecTV starts including MTV India in ints package and never informs its customers. Heck ! tehy could have a got a lot of goodwill from subscribers like me. ANyway I was very happy that MTV channel is now back and its so cool that I can see ads that are targetted for a Indian audience. BRU Cappucino flavor who ever heard of this before.

MTV India makes me nostalgic. From 1992 to 1997 I enjoyed the spread of Stellite TV and the explosion of TV channels in India. It was truly a revolution, there was not even a law governing satellite TV when it started. If you were cosy enough with the cable operator you could ask him to swithc the satellite to a channel of your choice.

Well now I am at the mercy of Comcast and DirecTV. DirecTv is the better evil. They have moderately priced packages. I subscribe to Hindi Direct which includes Star Plus, Star One , Star News, NDTV, THe Cricket channel, DoorDarshan National.

When I signed up for the DirecTV Hindi Direct package it included a chanel called MTV Desi. This was a channel geared to the Expat Indian and Indian American population. Then came the devastating news that the Channel was being discontinued from DirecTV.

I love watching the comedy shows on both comcast and DirectV

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