Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Senate Bill Aimed at Wireless Carriers

Problems with cell phone companies in the US:

a)No freedom to buy any phone and use it with a provider
b) You have to stay too long with a provider because of all the fees.
c) The monthly fees approach does not work as even if you do not use the cellphone often enough you still pay a lot of fees.The pay as you go approach is still not very good or mainstream. Again Tmobile excels- got a prepaid plan for my daughter which is 1000 minutes for 100 dollars and the minutes are valid for a year. If you renew again beofre thier expiry their validity is extended. But most companies seem not to care about customers value for the service provided.

A bill is being introduced to ease the pain for cell phone consumers. We should absolutely write to our senators to support this bill. Cell phone companies are stiffling creativity by selling locked phones. Though TMobile is pretty good with unlocking them

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