Saturday, November 03, 2007

Flock New Social Media Browser

When I first tried Flock I had given up on them. When they came back with their latest avatar they have done a good job. Flock is a free makes it easy to connect with your social media sites and your RSS feeds.

When I open flock i have my Flickr photos running as a loop on top ( I can choose any Flickr feed or a random feed) I have a side bar called "My World" that gives me access to my accounts that I have specified for example : Blogs, Twitter....

When Flickr sees a page with a media element or a feed its tells me with a subtle message on my browser window and the coolest thing about it is the "Sow me how " button . Clicking it will present the button in such a obvious manner. This is the friendliest design I have seen in any web application.

There are a couple of plug-ins that I have to check. Off technology it seems like the flock guys are absolutely plugged-in. They have a community ambassador Evan . You can actually contact him by AIM, Skype, GTalk or email. I did give him a shout to give him some feedback and had a great time chatting with him.

Flock has potential to give the large browsers a run for their money. Maybe Google will buy them and roll the features into Mozilla or Microsoft. In the old days Microsoft may have bought them and killed the browser but if they do a acquisition now they will probably kill IE and adopt the new technology.

A new browser is both a gamble and smart play. It will be tough to run against the adoption of IE, Firefox and Opera so I would suggest Flock be positioned as the extra browser on your desktop that you will use for your social media play.

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