Monday, December 10, 2007

Microblogging for Marketers

This is my second post referring to a Forrester Analyst today. I was just on Peter Kims' Blog - "Being Peter Kim" He is @Peterkim on Twitter. He announced that the report on microblogging for marketers is now free (You will need to register)here.

The report is a great resource to hand out at work to the traditional Marketers. One of the statements of the report "6% of US online adults use Twitter regularly" caused a controversy that Peter talks about. I agree with the key takeaway from this report - The audience is growing and Marketers can be smart about it and do it right in a channel where the barrier to entry is low.

The podcast of interview with Jennifer Jones at Marketing Voices/PodTech Microblogging For Marketing is interesting.

Thanks Peter for making the report free. In other news @CharleneLi ( another well known Forrester analyst) posted a Tweet today that CBS was in her opffice filming her Tweeting :) Good for you

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