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Taking Time During the Holidays

I am having a wonderful Holiday vacation. Along with spending time with the kids I am also catching up on some reading .

Here are some observations on what I have been reading:

I am awed by the fact that as I am reading the Book "Naked Conversations - How Blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers" ,I occasionally exchange Tweets on Twitter with co-author Shel Israel.
Naked Conversations has a lot of the examples of small businesses using Blogs . There is an example of Thomas Mahon and his Blog English Cut where the custom tailoring business can become more successful using Blogs. Horsefeathers - a Bar in North Conway , NH -used Social media to retain as well as expand its guests . The blog address seems to have changed from the one the book mentions. The blog is now at The author's of Naked Conversations hope to get the local plumbers to blog - In my new role at Network Solutions I hope we can make that happen ( Network Solutions has a lot of Small business customers who have an online presence)

Another interesting article was from a Twitter Tweet -Social Media can be a Boon or a Bust for your Business written by Lewis Green for Media Bullseye The key questions the article deals with;
  • Why should we invest in social media?
  • What’s in it for us?
  • How do we execute on social media effectively?
I followed Shel Israel's link on his Blog Global Neighbourhoods to Scott Monty's Post on The Best Pitch I have Received . Here the authors of the book " Getting to the first base" - Darren and Julie pitch him to review the book. What he likes about the pitch video:

  • Addressed me by name
  • Made a note of where I'm from
  • Acknowledged that they read the section of my blog about how I like to be pitched
These are good examples to follow.

The New York Times carried an article on Small Business using the Social Media as less expensive marketing tools. 'Blogging’s a Low-Cost, High Return Marketing Tool" . I saw the post article from a Twitter link to Marketing Vox's article "Blogging Dubbed 'Low-Cost, High Return' Marketing Tool for SMBs" -be sure to see the cartoon by Hugh MacLeod ( He is mentioned in the book The Naked Conversations and his Blog is ). The New York Times article mentions Aliza Sherman Risdahl, author of “The Everything Blogging Book” who I follow on Twitter as @alizasherman. Congrats Aliza and Hugh.

I am thrilled I am following authors, cartoonist marketers, and Celebrity bloggers in the Social Media. I am so happy that many of the people I connected with will take the time to assist, teach or advice if you ask them a question ot seek advice.


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