Saturday, December 29, 2007

Upgrade your computer memory with

Warning ! geeky post ahead !

My Desktop is a pentium 4 with a processor speed of 2.53 GHz. Its about 6 years old but serves my purpose. Of late I have been feeling limited by the 512 RAM it has. When you are faced with a slow computer you consider your options : upgrade it or buy a new one. I use my laptop more than my desktop so I decided to just upgrade it. Here is what i did:

a) From my desktop I went to
b) Using the tool it deteced my computer and told me what i had already . Suggested 4 different combinations.
c) You can order online from them or take the specs and shop around.
d) I called them 1-866-636-6799 and a friendly guy answered all my questions and said i could call tech support and they would walk me thorugh installation if I needed help.
e) I asked for a price match $3 and they did it ( OK. I am a cheap guy:)
f) 2 day shipping was $9
g) Except for UPS having issues in the last 3 miles everyhting went smoothly.
h) Opened the computer.( yes yes. it was swtiched off and the plug out) HP has the screws on the right that you can open with just your fingers.
i) Detected where the RAM pair was on the motherboard. I pressed the tab out and pulled out one of the 256K RAM and pushed the 1GB one in his place. The memoryx guy on the phone had told me that there is only one way the memory can go into the mother board so there is less chance of anyone pushigntnhe board in the wrong way.
j) In 10 minutes I was done.
k) Computer rebooted and I had a computer with 1.25GB RAM.

Memory Ten ( rocks)

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