Thursday, January 24, 2008

Review of Rockville Crab Place in the Washington post

I am not sure if I am blogging this the wrong blog, but todays review of Rockville Crab Place in the town center was awesome, they make French fries that takes two days to prepare that reminds me of my time as a chef. You should read the Washington post section on the Rockville Town House Crab Place. listen

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This was posted on the wrong blog by me using Jott. i should have set it up to go to My Food and restaurant review blog I could setup Jott to post to any blog so I must change the settings now for each blog that I write. Jott is a great service that lets you blog or send emails from your phone by just speaking and the words get transcribed.

Chris Pirillo has a great video on Digital Transcription on his blog /

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