Monday, January 07, 2008

Tweetup with Susan Reynolds in Herndon Thu 10th Jan 6.30 p.m

This was kind of spontaneous from Saturday. We have always been thinking of meeting and we were Twittering about meeting in Herndon between @SusanReynolds @Jeffhibbard and the choice was Jimmy's Tavern.

The meetup announcement attracted several offers of attendance . Either it was due to

  • Susan Reynolds celebrity as Second Life Expert and expert in the power of viral web marketing / communications.
  • Jeff Hibbard's great enthusiasm & possibly owning the first "vlog truck" or
  • Jimmy's Tavern reputation as a great watering hole. Jimmy Critto is a member of the Bar Tender magazine's Hall of Fame.

We now have 21 possible attendees. Thanks everyone, look forward to seeing you there. By the way Jeff Hibbard is coordinating all the arrangements at Jimmy's - Thanks - Jeff.

Susan is undergoing treatment for cancer and blogged about it . That brave gesture got everyone to rally around her using text, voice, images, video and form the Frozen Pea Fund which raises money for cancer research and funds go directly to the American Cancer Society. Many Twitter friends did videos like @newmediajim @sass @Jeffpulver Anybody wants to better ose videos ?

Event announcement from me : DC/MD/VA tweets let me know if you can make it to Herndon
Thu 10th Jan 6.30 p.m for meetup with Susanreynolds

Attendees so far:

@badwolf (susan's daughter)
+ Susan Reynolds Hubby

Please leave a comment if you are attending and even introduce yourself . If you are driving from DC please let us know by commenting here if you can give a ride.

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