Monday, February 18, 2008

Discovering: WhyGoSolo - Connecting online buddies offline

Splendid review of WhyGoSolo by Jeff Pulver. Imagine you are in a hotel away from home and you could discover that another buddy of yours is in the hotel a block away and you didnt know this. WhoGoSolo solves that problem and meet new people instead of sitting in your hotel ordering room service. Connect with a local and do something new and fun.

I use the website tripadvisor quite a lot and then when we actually go on the trip sometimes by coincidence I talk to another vacationer and they happen to be from the same thread. WhoGoSolo can make this a reality instead of a coincidence.Now if you are a event organizer or if you are just going out to dinner and want like minded friends to join its easy to create a event and your circle can join if they are free.
As I asked people to Digg this story @lalunablanca already created a Sushi dinner event for anyone to join him and his wife for Sushi dinner in Memphis. Now I wish i was in Memphis. My gut feeling is that as the network grows WhyGoSolo will have many more ancillary uses that users will do themselves to make it more fun.Is this a dating site? Is linkedin or Facebook a dating site ?

As the site progresses i can see a lot of integration points. They already have a Facebook app and are going to go mobile. I heard a rumor that they will provide a way for events to be sent to Twitter. I know Ann Bernard the Founder and CEO  who is a very down to earth person yet tough. I wont be surprised if she comes up with great features and makes this venture a success.

Ann Bernard's mantra - "We are definitely going to connect to your online world to make your offline life fun and exciting!!"

Update : WhyGoSolo featured on ReadWrite Web

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