Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Attention to your email - at least Chris Brogan's Attention

In the post Writing More Effective Email on Chris Brogan's blog Chris gives tips on how to attract his attention in an email. The subject line is very important. Chris's suggestions for the Subject line:

  • DECISION NEEDED: Picking the corporate logo today
  • SCHEDULING: Check Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday
  • PROMOTION HELP: Looking for some blog and Twitter love
  • [chrisbrogan.com] seems offline. You might want to check.
  • MICROSOFT DEAL: Should we take it? (from JYang@yahoo.com)

Please head over and read the full post but here is what I commented on his blog:

We think alike. I have had my share of bosses and as soon as I move to their fiefdom I train them on my email subject lines.

  • ACT : need an answer ASAP
  • ARTICLE INFO: Something that I saw online read at your leisure.
  • INFO : CCing you on something that u have a choice to read or ignore
  • BREAKING NEWS: All hell is breaking loose we need to talk
  • JOKE: Sending you a PJ please do not read in a meeting.
    Usually ACT and Joke gets me the quickest response :)
    Cheers !

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