Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maryland Tech Council & Network Solutions SEO Seminar

Network Solutions & MD Tech Council Search Engine Optimization ConferenceIntroduction by Mark Glazer of the MD Tech Council

Last week I attended a Network Solutions Seminar on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Link Building strategies. Harry Brooks who conducts these conferences is a buddy of mine both at work and outside of work. We have brainstormed how to get more customers to his wife's skin care business and generally have an interest in new technologies.

This seminar was organized jointly by the Maryland Tech Council and Network Solutions. I went becuase I wanted to meet people and also because the seminar was a mile from my house at the University of Maryland campus in Shady Grove campus ( alright now you know where I live ) and it also gave me a chance to work from home.

I made one Linkedin friend and one Twitter friend @rajivdhawan. I have been swamped with work so I have been neglecting my follow-up but I am hoping to get up to speed soon. We may be looking to add antoehr person to the team. Look out for the announcement as soon I sit and complete the job description.

My business cards that say Network Solutions Social Media Swami are going like hot cakes. I need to write another post about how I came to have that title and what other titles did people come up for me including "Minister of misinformation" LOL

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