Thursday, February 07, 2008

Media Rules Launch party - Downtown DC

Went to DC this evening for the launch of the Media Rules. The party was at the offices of Virilion. in Downtown DC. The party was spread all over the office. I liked that as the conversations were going on all over the corridors. The audience was cheerful and formally dressed. Ironically that was the first party I was dressed causally. I will review the book on a later post since I have a queue of books to catchup on. Since taking over as the Social media Swami for Network Solutions I am lucky to meet a lot of authors and its interesting to watch the tone of the launch parties. I attended the launch of Geoff Livingston's book Now is Gone and it was at a restaurant Piola (Reviewed here). I met Shel Israel virutally on Twitter. My friend Rohit Bhargava is launching " Personality not included " and I hope to go to that lauch and also see if he can speak to us at Network Solutions for a learning lunch.

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