Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meeting Barry Moltz who asks " How do you bounce?" - Small Business Tech Summit New York

Small Business Technology Summit 2008
Barry Moltz is the author of 'You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business " and just released his second book "Bounce! Failure, Resiliency and the Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success". I met him at the Small Business Technology Summit NYC Feb 11th that i attended with a few of my colleagues from Network Solutions. Barry was the keynote speaker for the theme "Bounce! The Path to True Business Confidence". We met even before the speech as he was going around distributing balls made of rubber bands and asking people " How do you bounce?". He captured the responses on a cool Flip camera and posted them on You Tube and on his blog "Crazy about Business, Insane for Success"

You still have an opportunity to tell him "How you bounce?" by uploading a video here or commenting on his blog.

In his captivating and full of humor speech, the message was not to accept the failure the old way (stepping stone to success). To quote a line from his Amazon book review
'with true business confidence, we can face our fears, let go of shame and failures, use all our choices, be better risk-takers, and define our own brand of success. "

He quoted the old Brylcreem ad "a little dab'l do ya" with reference to experiences related to failure. I think the message i got was not to over analyze your failures or successes and just focus on your goals and move forward. Alot of examples also came from Zen Monk stories. The audience was so captivated that lunch was not missed :) till his speech was over.

Barry has worked for IBM for 14 years. he quoted from several real life examples. his message was to achieve true business confidence you have to take success or failure as they are. Barry founded an angel investor group and an angel fund, is a former member of the Advisory Board of the Angel Capital Education Foundation, and has been elected to the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. He is currently a business consultant and an internationally acclaimed speaker.

Small Business Technology Summit 2008

It was agreat pleasure to meet him and you will see my picture with him on his blog at

I hope to meet him when he comes to DC. He was an amazing speaker and I will use every chance I get to hear him speak again.

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