Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Meeting with Diane President & CEO Communispace

Meeting with Diane President & CEO Communispace
Originally uploaded by shashiBellamkonda In the picture along with her is Andy Hessabi my friend and Manager, Market Research at Network Solutions
It was good to meet Diane Hessan President & CEO of Communispace  at the Network Solutions offices today. We discussed Social Media and got some interesting insights and advice from her. She mentioned that she had seen Shel Israel's post with my interview. ( Shel thanks for opening a few doors for me :))

Communispace has helped me a lot while I was the Product Manager of ImageCafe - Network Solutions easy to use web site building tool. My monthly chats with the Communispace community were both fun and very insightful. Gave me a indication of what the customers were looking for. Network Solutions has been been using CommuniSpace as a social media tool for a few years.

Jeremiah Owyang has a great post on the 4 tenets of Community Managers and it has a mention of Communispace.

Diane participates in several conferences and I hope to run into her again at a conference if not at thier Boston office some time.

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