Sunday, February 03, 2008

Twitter - A Captive Audience Measurement Tool

The Super Bowl is still a traditional media Advertising's Mega Market. While the game itself is sometimes secondary to people who watch the Superbowl for the buzz that it creates.

Today on Twitter as the game went on there was a huge twitter participation. I estimate there were about 400 tweets that included the word "Superbowlads".

Such data is huge for marketers to judge audience reaction. What are the reactions the ads caused? I am sure the demographics of the audience , geographical location , viewpoints were varied and a treasure trove for market research. The only common factor is that the audience consists of Swimmers as Jeremiah Owyang calls early adopters.
Imagine if a market research company had attempted this by inviting people of similar profiles as the Twitter community to watch it in a place there they could instantly get the reaction. Now they just have to search Twitter and analyze this data.

All the ads are available at

Some of the ads caused controversy . See Jason Calacanis blogpost about one such ad. ( Thank you Linda Sherman for the link)

Today is one of my lucky days - No not because the Giants won . I was interviewed by Shel Israel for his series SAP

Global Neighbourhoods - Social Media's impact on business & culture.

Twitter made this happen. See also this post.

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