Saturday, March 15, 2008

Network Solutions Social Media Swami meets Swomi

I was under the impression that there were no other Social Media Swami's around. I was first tipped off that there were other Swami's by Rohit Bhargava during lunch at SXSW. Then it happened. I was in the Blog Haus at SXSW when I met Jackie Huba - Chief Swomi of it was brilliant to have a play on the acronym for Society for Word of Mouth. We had some mutual friends who had told Jackie that we should meet and I am happy we finally met. I have joined the Society for Word of Mouth
SXSW : Swami meets the Swami

SWOM's purpose, then, is two-fold: to be a free social network for the true believers of word of mouth (or the merely curious), and to be a premium educational resource for making word of mouth fundamental to the DNA of any organization. For the second part of the mission, we'll be introducing webinars, educational materials and training opportunities in the weeks ahead. Plus, we'll have in-person events. Fun events!

I have been meaning to blog about the definition of the title Network Solutions Social Media Swami.
Social Media Swami : self responsible, Works for Network Solutions but is responsible to the customers and community, learned, gives opinions in the new media, independent, Ombudsman, devoted to customers,

Wikipedia says "owner of oneself", or "free from the senses".

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