Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Olympic Atheletes Blog for Lenovo

John Bell mentioned the Social Media activities of Lenovo on his bloga few days ago Digital Influence Mapping Project and gives Lenovo a Social score of 4.5 of 5. You should read John's post for details on what Lenovo, Wells Fargo and Strabucks are doing in terms of social media.

Today the Wall Street Journal carried an article on Lenovo's Sponsorship of the Olympics. Lenovo is the only Chinese company to be a global Olympic sponsor, alongside entrenched heavyweights McDonald's and Nike. What was very interesting is this line from the article

The company is working with Google
Inc. to launch a blogging site, http://www.2008.lenovo.com/, that will host blogs by
Olympic athletes from all over the world to create a sort of online Olympic

That should be cool to get Olypic athletes as bloggers. Wonder which athlete should I add to my RSS?

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