Friday, May 16, 2008

Dreaming of a Fortune the astrology kind -

Shiv Verma is based in Virginia and is my friend for many years. In the last few months he has been telling me about the hard work that has been going into launching two websites ( "Jodi" in Hindi means couple) and He is a hardworking guy and I am sure he will succeed( nice guys always do !) will have a lot of interest in India where websites like are very popular. I reead the Washington post astrology section regularly so I plan to check out As we went to lunch i thought it was great opportunity to capture Shiv's enthusiasm on camera. Here is the interview on

Shiv's pitch for
Astrology Services built on most complex astrological rules engine. Services also include well renowned Panel of Experts providing Personal Services. Some of the unique features include - FREE Membership to view your Horoscope, Birth Chart, Match Making, Sade Sati Predictions, Period Analysis, Your Gems, Your Lucky Numbers, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Predictions, Yearly Predictions, North/South Style Horoscope, Career/Business, Vaastu/Feng Shui and lot more!
Disclaimer: Despite my protestations Shiv paid for lunch but as we go out often I will be reciprocate the next time we are out fr lunch :)

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